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6 Responses to Dignitude!

  1. osirisopto says:

    That America is so full of racists that they elevated this idiot to the highest office in the land to “teach us a lesson” for electing a black man truly disheartens me.

    This is why the DLC and it’s trademark “Swing State Strategy” should be relegated to the dustbin of history. And if/when they offer H.Clinton up as a candidate in 2019 we should take to the freaking streets with pitchforks.


    • Condi says:

      Granted, tRump emboldened the nation’s mouth-breathers to actually participate in the election last year, but they were not the root cause of tRump’s win. That “honor” goes to the blatant gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts of the ReThugs and their fellow travelers over that last dozen years. Efforts, I would remind you, the Dims have done very little about; if we want to flip the Senate, much less the House, we will need to fight & roll-back those changes, starting yesterday. Else we’re in for nearly a generation of re-imposed apartheid…

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      • JTO says:

        The Dems didn’t let gerrymandering just happen. The Republicans were just way ahead of the curve.

        They packed the city halls, the school boards, the elected and appointed boards; they trained and funded increasingly experienced and connected cadres to then stack the decenniel redistricting commissions to draw new maps that their fellow travellers would approve over Democratic objections.

        Republicans give money to their candidates. Republicans walk streets and knock doors. Republicans always vote for Republicans. Republicans always advertise on Rush and the local hate radio spigot. The Federalist Society and Heritage Institute and ALEC NEVER hurt for cash to recruit new talent to fund another study or bill.

        Democrats, as they say in Chicago, sling fundraising nickels like they’re manhole covers. And no Dem candidate for dog catcher, mayor or Secretary of State or Attorney General is ever fucking pure enough to get even half of the Democrats to vote against an incumbent, ‘good’ Republican.

        The Dems didn’t let this happen, WE let this happen when we let Nixon and the Republicans use Vietnam against Johnson.

        There is only one way to make it unhappen – and that is a 50 year fight. Of course, some of us were ready to start this fight 20 years ago . . . but nickels like manhole covers and all . . . .

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      • osirisopto says:

        IMO The DLC is the source of the Swing State Strategy that focused all the effort and money on just enough select, strategic locales that would secure them the election and piss on the rest. In the nationals it can be seen as focusing on the urban metropolis’ filled with coastal elites and not even field candidate anywhere else.

        THey did that last year and AND offered a candidate that although more qualified than ony other in history carried so much toxic baggage and the proles had been brainwashed to hate hate, multiple times a day for thirty freakin’ years. She was doomed to failure.

        You’re right JTO we need to do something about it. And we need to do it twenty five years ago, but now is a great time to start. If it were easy everyone would do it.


  2. Feline Mama says:

    Commander Pout & Sulk is unhappy with (besides CNN) his dive in the polls. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    5-4-3-2-….When will he reach 1!!! You don’t look too good mr. prezdint. Have a seat. Take a Pepto. Here’s your Dumb Phone. Your ‘Positive Things’ folder? A pic of Barron? Your nuke codes? Wachawant??


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