But Not All Conservatives are Racists…

It is the considered position of the editorial board at Mock Paper Scissors (um, me?) that not all conservatives are racists, BUT if you are a racist you are probably a conservative. It’s part of set theory and would be easy to chart in a Venn diagram, something like this:

(Notice, please, that the All Voters circle is purple, and not Blue and that certainly there must be some racists in the non-conservative bubble. Also/too: the sizes of the bubbles are not based upon any percentages. I mean who’s gonna admit to being a racist? OK I jest, who’s gonna admit being conservative?)

I mention this only because the incessant head scratching in the media wondering why Hair Führer wont’ just come and and condemn the white nationalists, the KKK, and Nazis by name, instead of his weird Many Sides deflection.

We know that his supporter love him because he’s not peecee, and frankly, they love him because he hates the same people they hate. Remember the Khans, and the rapist messicans, and the women and, and, and? Remember how he said he could shoot someone on 5Th Avenue and his base would remain loyal? And throughout the entire Goat Rodeo, no matter what the outrage was his base stayed with him. I think he’s proven this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

During the campaign his base frequently said things like he says what I think. He punches back, and they love that he won’t back down from a fight. And most important, they love that he makes us libtards so damn angry! Good times, good times for the pinheads.

Now, imagine if he no longer hated who they hate, didn’t punch back, and more importantly seemed to bow to the so-called PC Police? Betrayed, they would flee from him like cockroaches when the light comes on. They would say he’s just another politician who sold them out.

Remember the Venn diagram, above? His supporters might not all be racists, but they include racists. If he condemned them in explicit terms, they would leave. That’s his hardcore base of supporters. If he looses the racists, he will have lost it all as the venal Republicans have no problem throwing a useful idiot under the bus after he’s served their purpose. Trump’s only safety net is that (for now) his supporters remain loyal and give amply be-chinned Mitch gas.

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10 Responses to But Not All Conservatives are Racists…

  1. TheMatch says:

    I think at this point it’s fair to assume that all conservatives are in fact racists. It’s the only logical conclusion.


  2. “Troo Conservatives” versus run-of-the-mill GOP opportunists, grifters and the rest of that hive of scum and villainy, are almost a congruent circle with racists. Look at the founders and standard-bearers over the years: Buckley, who never wore a white hood in public (at least after Labor Day!), Goldwater, Buchanan, Will, Ronnie “Young bucks and welfare queens” Ray-gun.

    And Trump knows it, because while he’s now way no how a Troo Conservative (being as he’s the Jabba the Hutt of THOSAV ) he’s under that large white dot.

    And in other news Here in the “liberal bastion” of Baja Arizona one of our county supes decided this was her hill to die on:



  3. Ali Redford says:

    Oops-he’s just now doing it: “racism is evil,” and named the KKK and Nazis. He’s declaring that we’re all equal. If it wasn’t Trump, I’d almost believe him.


    • osirisopto says:

      I haven’t listened to his statement (and won’t) but I am led to believe he made the statement mechanically reading off a teleprompter. Not one very in the spew.

      The coded message being sent is “I’m only doing this ’cause I hafta.”
      The message received by the Nazi’s is one of support, and encouragement.

      The Nazi’s will be planning to rize up to throw off the chains of oppression under which they have burdened for so long. I’m sure they have a final solution in mind, too.


  4. moeman says:

    tRump could drive a Dodge Challenger through a crowd of respectful protesters and … oh, wait.


  5. TheMatch says:

    President of the WSU College Republicans….


    Also BFF to Washington state representative Cathy McMorris-Rogers…



  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    If you voted for Donald Twit with his clearly stated racist policies then you are a racist. You may not consider yourself one, you may not go out and march with rebel flags or swastikas you may even be nice to minorities you interact with. But if you have no problem voting for those that are intent on installing racist policies at the state and federal levels, then YOU ARE A RACIST!

    Therefore, the percentage of Republicans that are not racist is minuscule and statistically negligible.

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  7. You are quite correct to point out that not all conservatives are racists.
    Those who are not *have*selected*different*victims*.
    Now think about that and think it all the way through.

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  8. roket says:

    The unintended consequences of electing a dufus.


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