About Last Night…

It was both terrifying and silly watching the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally on Twitter last night. Terrifying because these white dudes really were chanting racist, anti-semitic crap and silly because they were sporting suburban dad wear (khaki pants and shirts with camp collars, and dare I spot a Weejun or two?) and carrying tiki torches from Home Depot; I wouldn’t be surprised if the bros were riding mowers. It reportedly lasted about 20 minutes and ended with minor skirmishes with counter protesters.

Nevertheless, it is a telling moment that in 2017 the KKK and other white nationalists feel empowered to take such an action. The still photos often are close up, easily identifiable pictures of (for the most part) clean-cut looking, square dudes who will pass for “nice guys” on Monday when they return to work; they could even wear the same clothes.

There is a certain amount of white privilege at play here too: none of the networks I checked called them thugs or other vulgar epithets that are so often used during BLM marches.

I’m sure if you are interested you can find video of this thing, but there’s plenty of vids of white guys being embarrassing.

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That’s a really pathetic crowd, in numbers and ideology. I bet Nickelback could draw a bigger crowd, and these guys would all be in attendance.

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  4. Steve-O says:

    All those tiki torches, and someone should’ve set up a sound system to play Don Ho for them. No one feels hate listening to Don Ho.


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