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You guys, I think we have another nominee for the much-coveted Golden Schlafly award! Let’s give it up for literary polemicist Andrea Tantaros, who not only decided to write an anti-feminism book, but she hired a dude to ghost write it for her!

A New York federal judge has decided to lift the veil from a case captioned as [Under Seal] v. [Under Seal]. It turns out that Michael Krechmer is suing former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros for allegedly breaching an agreement pertaining to his ghostwriting services on her book Tied Up in Knots.

Here’s how the book is described on Amazon:

“Fifty years after Betty Friedan unveiled The Feminine Mystique, relations between men and women in America have never been more dysfunctional. If women are more liberated than ever before, why aren’t they happier? In this shocking, funny, and bluntly honest tour of today’s gender discontents, Andrea Tantaros, one of Fox News’ most popular and outspoken stars, exposes how the rightful feminist pursuit of equality went too far, and how the unintended pitfalls of that power trade have made women (and men!) miserable.”

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Tantaros is suing Fox News Channel for sexual harassment and sexual discrimination, so writing an anti-feminism book is just the kind of disconnect we expect to find from her.

In the meanwhile, going through the MPS archives for great Tantaros moments, I think I have selected the what is probably the zenith/nadir of her career: “Anyone with a functioning brain makes sure they look good in a bikini.”

So Andrea Tantaros, you are officially in the running for the Golden Schlafly Award.

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Jim says:

    I feel so good that my brain cells are not eaten up watching Fox News. The whole clip is such utter garbage.

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  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    “If women are more liberated than ever before, why aren’t they happier?”

    I thinks its hormonal. But, don’t tell Mrs DeBakey I said that. She’d kill me.

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  3. roket says:

    Housewives have been endangered since the early 60’s which makes this a 20th-century topic. Andrea has been left behinded.


  4. She’s living that “feminism for me when I need it, but not for anyone else” life. Feminism is for fat chicks and dykey chicks and old chicks and people being victims chicks–and she never realized she could get old, fat, unpretty, or be victimized. Feminism is to be despised so long as she could be exceptional–and then maybe she’d try a little bit of it on as needed. But the anti-feminism is not without irony .:that she let some dude put out a story under her name was the real anti-feminism deal–men will speak for you, Like the Fox News establishment will try to tell Andrea Tantaros what happened to her, instead of hearing her real story. She suggested it was okay to let a male voice be her image. And that image can try and take away her truth. I hope she appreciates what all this is about, And maybe realizes why we all need feminism. But I will remain skeptical. She might still deal with all the sexist fuckery, but remain unconvinced that this is systemic, pervasive, or anything she needs to care about with respect to other women. I see her not getting it–but I hope she gets there.


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Hey, look on the bright side, Tantaros single handedly killed off the ‘dumb blonde’ joke.


    • paul fredine says:

      i think she had a little help from katrina pierson. besides, most of these ‘dumb blondes’ are just victims of peroxide poisoning since their blonde-ness isn’t natural. the natural blondes i know are far from dumb.


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