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As the fall-out from Google firing a sexist employee continues to ripple throughout the bro-sphere, Barbwire, the blog-like thingie from Matt Barber (the man who only thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night) has a practical suggestion — Fire all the progressives:

Google fired James Damore on Monday because of an initially internal writing he authored regarding company culture. And while people’s outrage over the termination is understandable, that outrage won’t achieve anything on its own. So action must follow it. And a solid course of action would be for other employers to start firing people who have progressive beliefs.

Aside: Before you say that it is a clever take on Swift’s Modest Proposal, one needs to remind oneself that Conservatives are missing both the irony gene and the funny bone (never play Operation—or doctor for that matter—with a Republican). They see the Modest Proposal as a noteworthy suggestion and look in the index for the recipes.

But I digress.

Progressives are wrong and those who are complaining are correct. But we are far past the stage where complaining serves much purpose. Therefore, it is time for action—action that puts progressives on the defensive. And my proposal is quite simple: employers should start firing employees who say anything supportive of progressives or their positions.

In other words, if Google can fire an employee for not being progressive enough, than anyone else can fire employees for being too progressive.

And there’s an issue that seems to escape the author: no one was fired for not being progressive enough. Google talked about their own Code of Conduct so we already know that what the bro did was a fireable offense. But it’s more than just a handbook violation.

The employee wrote a 10 PAGE(!) diatribe against women engineers, and distributing it throughout the company. Last time I checked, Google had something in the neighborhood of 70,000 employees, and let’s say only 1% of ’em read this thing. And gosh, I think we can guess what that time alone cost the Googles; that the memo escaped and went viral cost Google a lot of PR and goodwill; that the memo set up a workforce to be at odds with each other is even more damaging. It will take a long time for this to work its way through the Googleplex.

So we have a weird straw man argument going on about not being progressive enough. Let’s see if the author tips his hand about his modest conservative proposal!

Support the “LGBTQIX” agenda? You’re fired. Think it’s neat that communists beat up Trump supporters and engage in other violence and mayhem? You’re gone. Say that there’s too much “toxic masculinity” in the U.S.? There’s the door. Want to make white people pay because you hate their skin color? See ya. Condemn Christianity and hope it dies? Get out of here.

Why look at that! It’s a feast of who the right hates, and some victimhood for good measure. So the issue really has nothing to do with free speech, but really has everything to do with bigotry. We keep reminding everyone that there are no laws forbidding Conservatives from saying whatever hateful thing enters their tiny hateful brains, but once you do say it, you have to own the consequences. They want to say it without consequences, which really means that they want everyone else to be forced to agree with them.

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4 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. roket says:

    Perhaps he should consider forming a Disgruntled Employees Club. He would make a very good President until he gets disgruntled, of course.


  2. Google is the main reason I use Duck, Duck, GO! for my surfing needs.


  3. “They see the Modest Proposal as a noteworthy suggestion and look in the index for the recipes.”

    tengrain, out of the oh-so-many zingers you produce, this one stands out! Nice…


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    And a solid course of action would be for other employers to start firing people who have progressive beliefs.

    You just go right on ahead, fire the smart people, the creative people. Hell, fire the people who know how to spell.


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