Goodbye, Democracy, Thanks for the Memories, I Hope we Meet Again in my Lifetime

goodbye democracy

Hate, intolerance and fear of non-white Christians has become so mainstream and normalized by Trump, his surrogates and our lawmakers, that in six short months, we’ve forgotten what democracy looks and feels like. The Trump regime is winning. They’ve undermined democracy, democratic norms and decency, to the most dangerous point I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Stephen Miller, a known loud and proud white supremacist, Nazi mother fucker gave a press briefing from the Oval Office. Where was the outrage? Trump TV is propaganda, a state sponsored fake news outlet. Where is the outrage from the House and Senate?

The Mosque blast in Minnesota. An ongoing list of hate crimes since the election. Trump and his surrogates haven’t denounced any of it. The NRA threatened The New York Times by saying, “We’re coming for you.” Did Huckacunt or Kellyanne Cuntway denounce it? Nope. Did Trump? Did our policymakers? Of course, not.

Here’s a list of technology companies who want to build Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Program. SCOTUS passed part of Trump’s Muslim ban. Trump systematically attacks Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, Jews, women, elderly, our vets, poor people, LGBTQ, and all non-white Christians, and countless “others,” so regularly, it’s become standard operating procedure. He’s anti-American. Trump won’t even listen to US intelligence (who’ve made clear that Russia committed cyber terrorism before, during and after the election).

Democracy is being annihilated by Trump and his administration. In plain sight, he’s pulling off one of the greatest heists in American history, killing democracy and replacing it with fascism and authoritarianism, and not a single lawmaker is denouncing his actions. Rather, they are letting it happen and wiping their asses with the constitution. We are witnessing the death of America. While that sounds dramatic, it isn’t.

We the People have forgotten something, America is comprised of more minorities than whites.  Saving America from Trump is up to us. We must continue peaceful demonstrations, showing up at GOP and Democratic Senators offices to demand they fight Trump and fascism, to protect democracy. We need a succinct message in every action that we take, “Stop kowtowing to Trump’s bullying and protect our democracy. If we/you don’t, all checks and balances will be gone, including you.”

Bannon/Trump, and all of his cronies wanted a civil war. They got it. What are we going to do about it?

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3 Responses to Goodbye, Democracy, Thanks for the Memories, I Hope we Meet Again in my Lifetime

  1. What is worse is that Miller is a Jew from Santa Monica… oy gevalt, what a schmendrick, shmegegge, schmuck, so farmischt, that bisl dreck. He is a shande. Ptooh ptooh ptooh.

    When we hated the Bush era we had no idea what would be ahead…


  2. tengrain says:

    Katie –
    Thanks for all the fish!




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