Get Off The Cross, Donnie, Someone Else Needs The Wood

“No one is working harder for the impeachment of Donald Trump than Donald Trump.” — The WaPo

This WaPo opinion piece is a fun read, kids, and if you don’t want to read it, the short take is this: to an attention whore like Trump, grabbing headlines for anything is better than letting anyone else have a headline. So, the WaPo’s argument goes,  a headline-grabbing impeachment trial would give Comrade Stupid the attention he craves.  Winning! And he would get another WIN! when the GOP refuses impeach one of their own. And he would get a third WIN! because he would be able to Twitter-twatter for months that the Deep State is out to get him because he drained the swamp, and he’d rally his base of drooling fucknuckles and paste-eaters with non-stop kvetching, bleating, and mewling. And they would eat it up with a spoon.

I’m already so tired of so much winning, believe me!

But what if Comrade Preznint Stupid just wants out? He cannot resign (Quitter!); so removal from office might seem pretty attractive. Again, he could Twitter-twatter till the end of time (WITCH HUNT!!1! the evidence was FAKE NEWS!!1!) and his fan club would continue to rally around him as preznint-in-exile.

We keep reading that upwards of 90% of Republicans in Congress would be delighted to have Mike Pence as preznint (as would the vast majority of termites). So there is always the possibility that he could be impeached, but no matter what, Trump will play it as a win. It’s the way he rolls.


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5 Responses to Get Off The Cross, Donnie, Someone Else Needs The Wood

    • osirisopto says:

      “I know when he’s waiting to come out his heart is pounding because he’s coming to a field of love”
      From what I hear love isn’t what’s being served up at a Trump rally.


  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Someone else needs the wood… the 5 wood!


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