Comms Director: Pee-Wee Goering

Stephan “Pee-Wee Goering” Miller

Mike ‘Payola’ Allen writing in the Axios morning email thingie:

Stephen Miller, the Trump senior policy adviser who just tangled on-camera with CNN’s Jim Acosta, is under consideration for White House communications director, top Trump sources tell me.

The effort to find a Mooch successor is still in the name-gathering process, and Miller is not the top contender, the sources said.

  • But Steve Bannon likes the idea of Miller for the job, and Miller was the hero of the West Wing after he attacked Acosta as a “cosmopolitan” for his views on immigration.
  • When Miller finished that press briefing, his colleagues high-fived him, according to Sebastian Gorka, a national-security aide who’s a favorite of the president’s for his over-the-top TV hits.
  • The super-key point: Trump cares primarily about how people perform on TV. He’s totally uninterested in the behind-the-scenes, unglamorous planning work of a comms director.

Miller is proudly hardline nationalist, and a favorite of the Trump faithful:

  • As a top aide to then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, Miller was a central player in ginning up opposition to the “Gang of 8” bipartisan effort at immigration reform.
  • He has a “Rainman” ability to recall immigration statistics.
  • When Miller worked in Sessions’ office, he was effectively an adjunct of the Breitbart editorial team. He’d work closely with Julia Hahn — then Breitbart’s immigration reporter, and now a White House colleague — on stories favoring nationalist immigration positions. A former colleague of Hahn’s said Miller “mentored” Hahn.
  • Miller was famous for bugging reporters at all hours with his story pitches, and seemingly had a direct line to Matt Drudge. The running joke was that the Sessions office had a permanent lease on at least one of the prized top-left Drudge links.

Many in the GOP establishment think Miller has been unpersuasive in his few trips to the TV cameras and the briefing room.

  • But Trump has dug the performances, and West Wing insiders thought Acosta looked like a jackass — boosting Miller’s stock at a crucial moment.
  • Trump loves nothing more than watching his people berate the “fake news” media on live TV. Gorka was effectively a non-entity, sitting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and working for Bannon (who had to argue hard to save Gorka’s job) until he began tearing shreds of CNN anchors.
  • Now Gorka is a Trump favorite — effectively protected while national security adviser H.R. McMaster purges others.
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6 Responses to Comms Director: Pee-Wee Goering

  1. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Unpersuasive”: a new code word for the next update of the West Wing’s Sewer and Skewer style book. Oh please, oh Grate Incompetent One pick the shiny pated one!


  2. roket says:

    Oops. There goes public relations.


  3. JTO says:

    Close to twenty years ago, I wrote and presented a conference paper entitled “The Quiet March of Soft-Soled Fascism.” Needless to say, it went over like a lead balloon. I still like the title.


  4. bowtie jack says:

    I vote for “Pee Wee Goebbels”.
    More historically and physiognomically on the mark.


  5. Green Eagle says:

    The minute you speak in public about “cosmopolitans,” you permanently disqualify yourself from any role in any decent government, or any other part of decent society.

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