The Dim’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel


A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that 80% of registered voters disapprove of how Wingnuttia is handling health care.

DID you hear that DNC: This is YUGE!

Possum Hollar (69% of Republicans) don’t much like what’s goin’ on.

Wingnuttias attempts to Old Yeller Medicaid dead is not helping them much: 69% oppose cutting it; however the magic number of 26% support letting the Poors die in the streets. Jeebus, some people…

CAN YOU READ THIS DIMS: a majority of voters (51%) wants to scrap the current health-care system entirely and replace it with a single-payer system. When you put this number with the 80% of registered voters, you found an issue-solution pair that can turn your sad fortune-cookie fate around.

Just sayin’ Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi. Pay Attention: you can both do the right thing and win again. Quit listening to your donors and start listening to your constituents.

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  1. grs says:

    Want confirmation that single payer is a viable option in the public’s mind? Aetna CEO: Obamacare ‘cannot be repealed, period’. Insurance companies went from thinking they could get out from ACA and go back to the good ol’ days to quaking in their boots that their ride might end all together.

    “If we had the time, I’d take you through the logic of why single-payer, ill-defined, doesn’t generate any savings for the American public,” Bertolini said.

    “There are no single-payer systems in the version that we think we want to create in this country. … We need to talk about the costs of health care, and getting those costs under control, and that doesn’t happen by changing who pays the bills.”

    Aetna, which reported a second-quarter beat, is up more than 27 percent year to date.

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