News That Will Drive You To Drink

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One News Now tells us that “Liberty Counsel tiring of tolerating ‘hate’ label” — and as a sub-head they get to the juicy heart of the matter (ew, gross):

A legal expert contends organizations and businesses need to turn away from relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “hate groups.”

I can hardly wait to learn which Clarence Darrow they have on record to defend the indefensible, hate-fueled Liberty Council.  Let’s explore!

A recent incident involved using the SPLC’s categorization of hate groups to target Liberty Counsel. Founder Mat Staver tells OneNewsNow that Norton Security Software blocked access to Liberty Counsel’s website, describing it as a hate group. Norton Security Software is owned by Symantec, which also owns LifeLock.

OK, a net-nanny application blocked Liberty Counsel! Just like they block the Klan and porno websites!

“No doubt [they’re] getting this information from the Southern Poverty Law Center or possibly even GuideStar, which got it from the SPLC,” Staver says. “We sent a demand letter that they unblock the site because it’s not a hate site, and doesn’t have hate speech or any kind of issues relating to hate.”

OK, Symantic maybe got the info from SPLC or GuideStar. Let’s get to who the legal expert is who is defending Liberty Counsel!

Symantec responded to the letter by temporarily lifting the block while reviewing the situation; and later restored access to the website after concluding that the SPLC is off base and that Liberty Counsel is not a hate group. Staver says he could have told them that up front.

“But unfortunately what happens is the SPLC’s false and defamatory  and dangerous labels of ‘hate’ or ‘hate group’ are relied upon without critical investigation by people and organizations, and they just parrot the same thing,” he says. “That’s what this organization did.”

Staver says his firm “is not going to tolerate it anymore.”

OK, but who is the legal authority defending Liberty Counsel?!

The SPLC also lists several other conservative and faith-based organizations as hate groups – among them the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Traditional Values Coalition, Alliance Defending Freedom, ACT for America, The Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch.

Yes, and they are all hate groups. But, wait a moment. That’s the end of the article. You don’t suppose that One News Now used the founder of SPLC-labelled hate group Liberty Counsel to be the “legal expert” contending the media needs to get away from calling his organization a hate group… do you?

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