Activism: Tax Reform: 90% of Success Is Just Showing Up

john_moustache-manLike the bad horror movie villains they are the R’s will not stop. If they’re not trying to kill us, they’re trying to rob us.

Now that their “Die Qucikly” health plan has crashed and burned it’s on to tax “reform”.
No one needs me to explain what an R considers to be tax reform, right? We’ve all seen this show before.

But there is great news…

Sen. Van Hollen: We’re Not Interested In More Tax Breaks For The Rich

So Dems aren’t bending. Good.

The D’s are not folding because we are the backbone of the Democratic party. Our politicians can only stand if we are there supporting them every minute of every day.

It’s our job and we’ve been doing it well for the first time in a very long time since the 2016 election.

We need to keep it up

Ours is a participatory democracy. Bitching and moaning about how spineless the dems are is no longer going to be a democratic pass-time because we know all we have to do is make phone calls.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead


Phone calls,  are the reason we have stymied the R’s attempts to undermine our government and our way of life.

Phone calls are what has resulted in handing the Russian Puppet an unbroken string of defeats. Phone calls will allow us to continue to do this as long as we keep supporting our D Representatives and Senators and pressuring the R’s.

Have no doubt we are in a fight for our “lives.”

This may be our last chance to stop the destruction of the country we have inherited. The people who came before us, the people who created this country, this “life” we enjoy paid the highest price to achieve it. We cannot allow their efforts to be in vain.

A call to action:

  1. Please, pick two hot button issues.
    Set up google alerts for them and whenever any action is taken by our government, or there’s talk in the news regarding your issues take a few minutes to call your D and R senators and congressional representatives and send the message you want.
  2. Use the keyword tactic.
    Keep your message clear, simple and to point.
  3. Make the calls.
    Even if all you do is leave a VM at 4:00 AM you are speaking, you are being activist and you are making a difference.

Any time you think you’re wasting your time follow this link and know we succeeded because you, I and everyone we know simply made phone calls. LOTS of phone calls and we will succeed again.

Phone Calls Work!


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    Look, I’ll call my senators, OK? But…. I’m not gonna grow that mustache. I just can’t even…

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