The South Shall Rise Again (Like My Lunch)

The South Rose Again With Hair Führer
(Hat tip: Scissorhead Kilwer via Twitter)

Let’s meet South Carolina Republican and governor candidate Catherine Templeton field a question about Southern Heritage in the age of Trump:

“I guess you’ve seen all the monuments being took down in Louisiana and all the anti-southern things going on, and I feel anti-southernism is not a conservative value. I’d like to know your opinion on southern heritage and southern defense.”

And so let’s see what her answer is (you only have to listen for a minute or so):

“No on my watch… You cannot rewrite history — I don’t care whose feelings it hurts.”

“…We’re standing on the shoulders of giants in South Carolina.” And it’s why we are who we are and where we are, and I very much respect the men who gave their homes their fortunes and their lives to put us in this position. Fortunately we have a law too, you know, that protects us, and I’m sure it will be enforced.”

The “Law” she mentions requires two-thirds approval in the South Carolina legislature for any historical monument to be removed. Later Templeton says she’d support a law that would block the removal of monuments under any circumstances.

Being a damn yankee (California born and bred), I know I am in no position to decipher what southern heritage means to southerners, but I do know that most of those monuments in the south sprang up during the 1960s Civil Rights era. They were designed not so much for southern pride but as a warning shot to the non-white southerners. They are a dog whistle that has taken form in concrete and bronze.

I have a lot of pride in being from California, but I do not protect the memory of the Conquistadors and the Missionaries from the veracity that the history of California is a history of native peoples genocide. I don’t understand why the history of insurrection and treason in defense of slavery is such a noble cause for southerners like Templeton.

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13 Responses to The South Shall Rise Again (Like My Lunch)

  1. Steve-O says:

    That is right- you cannot rewrite history, and the south, particularly those that like to wave the Virginia Battle flag and protect confederate monuments, are TRAITORS.
    It is your history. Own it.


    • MDavis says:

      When I read her first words, “Not on my watch. You cannot rewrite history.” I thought for a sec that she was advocating removing the blasted monuments because, after all, these monuments were erected to imply that they won.


  2. Feline Mama says:

    Here we are. 3+decades forward, 2 centuries back Thanks racist white “lady?”.


  3. M. Bouffant says:

    “the memory of the Conquistadors and the Missionaries”
    Gov. Brown, tear down those missions!!

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s not tear down the Missions (they are real antiquities), it’s learn about them and don’t romanticize them. I grew up with my parents Zorro books and it took me a long time before I finally figured it out.




  4. thanks be to fake god that those giants are dead, dead dead racists. and these racists with the confederate flags on their trucks, they would be cannon fodder for he confederacy. more dead dead dead racists. so, those monuments they love so much? they are commentorating the loss of war, poor planning, craven racism and just plain stupidity


  5. Pupienus Maximus says:

    what southern heritage means to southerners,

    Shirley you can (unlike one o’ dem dere southrons) make an educated guess.

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    • osirisopto says:

      If they could turn back time they would be able to experience the joys of being a poor, non-technological exporter of raw materials and importer of finished products once again.

      And they’d be able to rape, torture and kill people at will.

      Having no A/C, refrigeration, technology more advanced than a horse drawn wagon, or antibiotics in a subtropical climate while the climate changes +3c certainly sounds like the reward they both desire and deserve, doesn’t it?


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    What does cotton go for on the open market these days?


  7. Jado says:

    It’s a noble cause as they want to rebel again. They want to be RIGHT. They know they are NOT right, but they NEED to be right. And if we all have to die to make that happen, so be it.


  8. Rez Dog says:

    Many monuments were erected in the late 19th Century as the the Cpmfederates begn to write the history of their defeat into the myth of the Lost Cause. The racists of the 1960’s were playing a well-rehershed song.


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