Pay the Baby Sitter, Dammit

Newsweek reports that then-Secretary of Homeland Security Gen. Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis coordinated their schedules so that one or the other would always be near Preznint Stupid.

The two military men, who Trump affectionately refers to as “my generals,” hatched a plan during the initial months of his presidency to ensure he wasn’t left alone while in the U.S., the Associated Press reported Tuesday. Kelly and Mattis agreed to schedule their travel arrangements so at least one of them could be physically accessible to the new president at all times, an official with knowledge of the pact said.

And so what’s the big deal, you ask?

So if Comrade Stupid was tempted to launch a military or nuclear strike, there would be an experienced, high-ranking military officer available to talk him out of it. But you know, I’m just speculating. But seriously, why else would they do it?

With Kelly now always within feet of the Orange Menace, one hopes that this babysitting will continue. But Sweet Baby Jeebus on Enola Gay: whodda thunk we would need such a babysitter?


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2 Responses to Pay the Baby Sitter, Dammit

  1. Karla says:

    Ooh – pick me, pick me. I thunk it, I thunk it!

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  2. ming says:

    There’s nothing like showing up and being handed a screaming infant with a shitty diaper to make you love your babysitting job.

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