Activism: Saving The ACA: It’s called Activism, Not Reactivism.

Good news!

From dKos…

Remember that dumb lawsuit over Obamacare payments? It’s a big problem for Trump

Thanks to the will of the people the R’s failed miserably in their attempt to implement the Republican “Die Quickly” plan.

Unfortunately Trump, the King of complaint, the prince of pissiness, the duke of default can simply not pay the CSR’s. We all know that not paying the bill is his trademark “negotiation” tactic. We also know he doesn’t give a rats ass about legalities and the opinions of the third branch of our government.

We should get ready for the ride of his life (sic).

tumblr_m5um9vzuqc1rwnfmeo1_500Fighting back:

Trump is not accustomed to people fighting back. So, we get to put him in his place one more time.

The states are already joining the legal battle over the CSR payments and for once the insurance companies are on our side. (Yes. I feel sick, but I can talk to a doctor about that now.)

I’m not a policy wonk, but my understanding is that there are already plans to float a bill that would make it impossible for the Executive to not disburse the funds approved by congress to pay the CSR’s – on time. (They need to specify “On Time” specifically because of Donald “Tiny Hands”.)

A call to action:

We need to get out ahead of this, be proactive and take control of the debate while we have the opportunity.

Please call your D and R Congressional Representative and Senators to protect the ACA and force the Executive Branch to pay the CSR’s.

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We’ve got the R’s on the run. They’re demoralized and confused by their resounding defeat.

We need to press our advantage because what we’re doing is called activism, not reactivism.

Remember –

Phone Calls Work!


(I love that speech.)

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