Today In Swamp-Draining News

Blood is the harvest

Paul Ryan is really excited, guys! He gets to fire up the ol’ Powerpoint on Windows 95 and prepare another one of his patented, unmathematical polemics to seduce the press into thinking he’s a dreamy blue-eyed wonk. Hold onto your wallets, Scissorheads, Ryan is coming to help us!

“It is time to unleash the full potential of the American economy by creating a tax code that actually works for the middle class. A simpler, fairer tax system that puts working families first will strengthen our economy and generate more jobs. I am encouraged to see the Middle Class Growth Initiative, and American Action Network, working to give their voice to this critical issue, and I’m pleased for such allies and supportive efforts.”

The emboldening is mine, but the Ameros are theirs. Yup, that is a lobbyist paying retail for  their tax breaks.

Middle Class Growth Initiative “will start with a $1 million radio ad campaign that urges support for tax cuts for families and small businesses. The ads are slated to run in 34 districts, including those of Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and a number of GOP House members whose seats are being targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”

Not surprising, the Middle Class Growth Initiative is a project of the American Action Network think tank. And to a wonk like ZEGS, well, Growth begins with getting hisself re-elected. You just don’t get much more swampy than that.

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