Comrade Preznint Stupid Gets No Respect

(Apologies to Rodney Dangerfield)

This story in Tiger Beat jumped off the page:

Senate Republicans have no plans to revive their party-line attempts to repeal Obamacare this summer, despite President Donald Trump’s increasing frustration over the chamber’s failed attempts last week to gut the law.

“‘Until somebody shows us a way to get that elusive 50th vote, I think it’s over,’ said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the third-ranking Republican. ‘Maybe lightning will strike and something will come together but I’m not holding my breath.’ …

Privately, Republican aides said there is essentially no chance McConnell will take another shot at repealing Obamacare soon. On Monday, there was discussion among Senate staffers of a ‘hard pivot to tax reform,’ one Senate aide said. …

Shorter Republicans to the Russian Usurper: Piss up a rope, we don’t care what you think we should do.

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One Response to Comrade Preznint Stupid Gets No Respect

  1. paul fredine says:

    someone please tell thune many of us have been praying for that ‘lightning to strike’ but the target isn’t, and never has been, that elusive 50th vote. maybe a green on some golf course in florida?



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