This is NOT Normal, Part Infinity (Day 191)

Exciting News From the Trump Administration!

The tweet below got me thinking about all the You’re Fired’ings going on in Comrade Preznint Stupid’s White house. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, you know, just some highlights and greatest hits of the last six months

  • Press secretary Sean ‘Angry Inch’ Spicer quit in disgust, which came shortly after his second communications director Mike Dubke quit in disgust.
  • Hair Führer’s new communications director, Smoochie, called Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker and leaked (on the record) that then-Chief of Staff and obvious anagram Reince Priebus is a “paranoid schizophrenic,” that Trump’s top advisor Steve Bannon “sucks his own cock,” and added that he wanted “to kill” the rest of Trump’s staff for leaking.
  • Trump’s “paranoiac” chief of staff was just You’re Fired.
  • Comrade Stupid had to fire possible Russian agent Mike Flynn, his first national security advisor, who is probably going to jail and is most likely in plea negotiations to avoid that fate.
  • Putin’s Order of Friendship Award-winner and Secretary of State Rexxon is rumored to be resigning out of frustration with Comrade Preznint Stupid (and his staff of jackals).
  • Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke tried to put the proverbial horse’s head into the bed of Lisa Murkowski, the senator with the most influence over his department.
  • Comrade Stupid wants to fire his beleaguered attorney general Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III who is pissed at him.
  • Secretary of Energy smartypants glasses wearer Rick ‘3 Departments oops’ Perry, who is in charge of our nuclear arsenal spent a half hour on Bart Simpson-style prank call with someone whom he thought was Ukraine’s prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman. “Is there a Willma Ballsdrop here?”
  • The Russian Usurper’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is likely going to jail and is most likely in plea negotiations to avoid that fate.
  • Lenny/Squiggy/Udsay/Quday (whichever one is which) leaked himself that he had tried to talk to Russian spies about getting dirt on the Hillarybeast.
  • Squiggy was turned in by Trump’s Fratsputin who also met with Russian spies.
  • The entire Trump Crime Family have lawyered-up, including The First Shady Ivanka.

I’m probably missing 4 or 5 personnel issues, if anyone remembers anything else, let me know in the comments.

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7 Responses to This is NOT Normal, Part Infinity (Day 191)

  1. w3ski4me says:

    OK, I can agree that I am impatient for the hangings to start, but just when will all this criminality be brought to justice? There is already a whole book of stuff that was beyond the law, but No real investigation beyond the nooze services.
    I am sick and tired of tRumpateers saying “prove it”, when we have volumes of it and it is ignored by Justice.
    Do we have a Justice Department anymore, or is it just the Office of the Drug Wars and Seizures?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Osirisopto says:

    In any list of the accomplishments of the tiny hands gang we must not forget that Trumps lawyer has lawyered up, too.


  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Sessions committed perjury at his confirmation hearing, in front of millions of witnesses, when he said under oath he had not met with any Russians during the campaign. Remember when perjury was a serious crime? Now it’s a job qualification.


    • Committing Perjury While Democrat is a crime in DC. Hell, Committing No Crime while being named ‘Clinton’…is a crime in DC.

      Committing Perjury While Republican is known as “A day ending in ‘y'”


  4. Ali Redford says:

    A funny friend of mine calls these departures “joining the magellan club.”
    Well, I think he’s funny. 🙂



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