Belated Thank-You

Osirisopto –

We should have said it sooner: Thank-you, thank you, thank you! Your tireless effort to herd the super-cool hep cats of Mock, Paper, Scissors is probably what saved the Affordable Care Act.

When faced with the wrath of the Internet’s Incorrigible Band of Spitballers, Grandpa Walnuts joined the strong, principled Republican Women of the Senate (Collins and Murkowski) and we beat this thing dead, like a rented mule.

I cannot say it enough: you took us all from being slackers spitballing the pontificating poltroons from our sofas and turned the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper into a well-oiled, phone-calling machine. (Metaphors, how do they work?) We all owe you a debt of gratitude. (I hope that the terms on that debt are very competitive.)

And as long as we are thanking people: Scissorheads, take a bow. The statistics on the Activist tab for the last six months have been amazing; you guys have been dialing your elegant fingers down to nubbins. I don’t think I’m exaggerating much when I say that our citizen-activist efforts saved lives.

We’ve sort of won this battle, but there will be more to come. Comrade Preznint Stupid’s only tactic is to Gish Gallop us, and we must be ready to fight him till Hell freezes over (Cheney has to put on a hat?) and then fight him on the ice (or in my case, on the rocks with a twist).

Anyone want to join the MPS Activism pep squad? I understand Tax Reform is next up at bat and so you know that the Big Screw is coming.



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  1. Feline Mama says:



  2. Jim says:

    The Orange Shitgibbon has now said that the priority now is to sabotage the ACA in violation of his Oath of Office. Seems to me the Administration ought to be able to be sued over this, especially because our stupid President continuously uses Twitter to broadcast his open sabotage.

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    • tengrain says:

      Jim – That’s a really great point. Not to be overly dramatic about it, since the ACA is the law of the land, isn’t he advocating doing something that breaks his oath and is therefore impeachable?

      What will it take?!



      • Osirisopto says:

        A Democratic congress and a Democratic senate not led by DLC operatives.

        IOW Don’t hold you breath.


  3. Osirisopto says:

    Thanks, TG.

    I’ve always ben best at being a pain in the arse. Thanks to you I’ve found a way to use my powers for good.

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