Catch a Wave, Dr. Dean-Style!

Holy crap, look at this:

As of the end of June, 209 Democratic challengers had registered with the FEC and raised at least $5,000. That more than doubled the previous high mark since 2003. In 2009, the Republicans had 78 challengers with at least $5,000. The early GOP challengers in 2009 foreshadowed the party’s regaining majority control. The question is whether the same will hold true for the Democrats in 2018.

And here’s the visual that took my breath:

The number of challengers at six months is truly remarkable. And the candidates are not simply bunching up in a few primaries. Yes, there is some doubling up: six Democrats have filed so far against John Faso in New York’s 19th congressional district. But there is also a good spread. So far, 105 different Republican incumbents have Democratic challengers with $5,000. At this same time in 2009, only 50 of the Democratic incumbents were up against challengers with $5,000.

So the Democrats are putting themselves in a strong position to take advantage of a national tide in their direction, if there is one. This is important. No matter how strong a tide may be nationally, congressional elections are decided in districts. The party riding a wave cannot win in a district unless it puts up a credible candidate. You cannot beat somebody with nobody. Finding a credible candidate has to come first.

Now, that doesn’t mean that 2018 will be a TIDAL WAVE, but it kinda looks like We The People are implementing our own version of Dr. Dean’s 50-State Strategy. Some of these candidate must be credible.

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2 Responses to Catch a Wave, Dr. Dean-Style!

  1. Hope they’re lining up for their state lege seats too; that’s where the deep fuckery happens.


  2. Jim says:

    That level of engagement is a minimum because, due to massive voter suppression and gerrymandering, it’s been estimated that Democrats need to have a 20 point edge over their GOP opponent in red and purple states to just hope of edging out a win. And, yes, unless state leg’s are also taken back, there is little hope for the party long-term.


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