Did Mike Pence…

“Spring time for Hair Führer and the G-O-P…”

…get a hold of Comrade Preznint Stupid’s twattering device?

That’s pure Pence-style bigotry. Well-spelled bigotry, but bigotry. You can say that Trump is presenting an argument for why he doesn’t want transpeople in the military, but there is not a lot of depth to it. I’m sure that there are transpeople currently serving, so is he going to kick them out? What is the cost-savings projection. And what the heck does he mean that they would burden victory?

I’m not sure that Comrade Trump—or Pence—can just declare that, I think that there must be laws that would have to state who can and cannot serve. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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11 Responses to Did Mike Pence…

  1. Bosma says:

    Identity politics bullshit used to distract from the Healthcare Bill and Mueller.


  2. Jim says:

    There are estimated to be at least 12,000+ transgender people currently serving in the military, according to the New England Journal of Medicine and annual medical costs for this cohort were estimated at around $4.5 million per year, basically a tiny rounding error in the annual defense budget. Pence knows this, of course though Trump doesn’t because the Donald knows nothing about anything and couldn’t care less anyway. For him, it’s always about hate and eternal vengeance against all things Obama.


  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The tremendous medical costs and disruption that would be caused by an unnecessary war with someone like, say Iran, would be just fine though.

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  4. another kiwi says:

    We’vs seen some shit from this guy but this is getting near to the top of the scale.


  5. moeman says:

    The US military spends more on viagra.


  6. MDavis says:

    The tweets end with “Thank you”? Yeah, no. Trump did not do this.

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  7. Pupienus Maximus says:

    I’m with Bosma – out of the blue demonization as a desperate act of distraction has the smell of Bannon more than Pence.


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