Vote for The Mooch’s MPS Nickname!

Friends, Romans, Scissorheads, lend me your snark!

Yes, it is time to vote on a nickname for the new White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, a man so objectionable that our pal Spicy (the Angry Inch) would rather quit than work for.

As with all US elections this one is rigged as I get the final say if I don’t like the outcome. Bribes, as always, are accepted, too/also. Just like the real US elections! (Hi Charles! Hi David!)

So here’s the rules: one vote per consumer (enjoy the cookies, which is also a HINT if you want to tamper with the results in the best Republican tradition, and I hope you do), the sequence of the presentation of names is randomized (so each time you come to commit VOTER FRAUD!!1! you will see the names in a different sequence), the duration of the vote is 24 hours. No government-issued voter ID required.

Do your civic duty and give The Mooch his MPS sobriquet.

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6 Responses to Vote for The Mooch’s MPS Nickname!

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Is it too late to suggest ‘That New York Dick that everyone hates’?


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Looks like Lil’ Abner.


  3. TheMatch says:

    What happened to “asshole”?


  4. Green Dayman says:

    Ah… late to the game! Oh well. Scradouchei will work. I couldn’t get ” ScaryMooch, ScaryMooch…can you do the Fandango..” out of my head. He won’t last long enough for us to post this too many times, methinks…


  5. A.J. says:

    Saw another one today: “human pinky ring”

    Made me laugh.


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