Please Read Wonkette Now

The Official Trump Portrait is hung (but Trump isn’t)
[H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D]

This post by Doktor Zoom is the current state of play for Trickle-Down Healthcare Tax Cuts for Billionaires, and it is essential reading.

I don’t understand Senate Rules and all the fuckery that amply be-chinned Mitch is capable of doing and Wonkette found a good source who understand the game theory. It’s pretty wicked (as one might suspect), and we need all Scissorheads to stand up.

We (and by we I mean Scissorhead Osirisopto) has been on the Activism Beat like brown on, um, brown rice, and Wonkette is kind of late(r) coming to the game. Their platform is much, Much, MUCH bigger than ours, and we are all in the same trench warfare right now. Push everyone you can to make a call.

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