Status: Trickle-Down Healthcare Taxcuts for Billionaires…

“…because when billionaires have more money, we all feel better”

Politico tells us that the necromancers and satanists in the Republican Party are trying to breath life back into this evil thing, defying the laws of Nature and Gawd:

But the math is increasingly working against them, with four Republican senators having announced opposition to starting debate — though the bill could further change — and more unannounced but likely no’s. Key Senate Republicans were set to meet again on Thursday afternoon, said Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), a critic of the GOP’s latest approach. But Heller won’t be there and said he’d send staff in his place.

Sen. John McCain’s diagnosis of brain cancer also has the GOP one vote down, or at least leaves a huge question mark regarding whether the beloved Arizona Republican would be able to make the trip back to Washington. And Heller said at a GOP lunch on Thursday, there was no clarity from GOP leaders on what the party would even be voting to debate next week.

and of course whenever there are dark arts, there are the Ayn Rand fanbois:

One persistent critic, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), said he might vote to proceed to the bill after saying he wouldn’t for several weeks.

“I’ve let leadership know I would vote to proceed if we can proceed to at least one of the choices being clean repeal. It’s still very vague and nebulous and that’s why it’s hard to say whether you’ll vote to proceed to something that you don’t know you’re proceeding to,” Paul said.

And of course, being Republicans, they are looking for the one person to blame (not Obama this time, which seems strange) and have settled on Sen. Mike Lee:

“I’m not being an absolutist,” he said,adding that he didn’t need 100 percent of the law to be repealed. “I’m a little frustrated by some who are eager and willing to call me out for saying this doesn’t go far enough in doing what we promised to do for seven years.”

A second-term conservative senator from the party’s libertarian-leaning wing, Lee has always been somewhat of an outlier in the conference. But he’s not going to keep quiet as the criticism flies his way.

And then there’s the voices in the media:

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt [Driftglass says “Hugh Hewitt — who, as we all know, is a cyborg sent from the future to destroy America”] said Lee and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) “saved Obamacare” from Republicans’ repeal efforts. Lee maneuvered to “preserve every word of Obamacare,” wrote Republican healthcare policy strategist Avik Roy. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page labeled him one of the “Obamacare Republicans” in an editorial Republicans widely circulated on Capitol Hill.


(Housekeeping note: my neighborhood’s big musical festival is this weekend, and I am having out-of-town houseguests in, so posting will be light.)

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