Your Tax Dollars At Work

The HHS YouTube Channel is loaded with agitprop against the Affordable Care Act, and we paid for it.

[Ed. — I was going to link to the HHS Videos right here, but I really don’t want to help Tom Price get his videos promoted to being viral. The link in the text below goes there, consider if you want to give it a click or not. — TG]

The Trump administration has spent taxpayer money meant to encourage enrollment in the Affordable Care Act on a public relations campaign aimed at methodically strangling it…

Under Secretary Tom Price’s stewardship, HHS has filmed and produced a series of testimonial videos featuring individuals claiming to have been harmed by Obamacare. Those “viral” videos have had decidedly limited reach, often gathering somewhere between 100 and 200 views each. But the Department has made a heavy investment in them nonetheless. To date, it has released 23 videos. A source familiar with the video production says that there have been nearly 30 interviews conducted in total, from which more than 130 videos have been produced.

Each testimonial has the same look, feel, and setting, with the subjects sitting before a gray backdrop and speaking directly to camera about how Obamacare has harmed their lives. They were all shot at the Department’s internal studio, according to numerous sources who worked for or continue to work at HHS. Under the Obama administration, it was customary that such videos were recorded and edited by an outside contractor who then billed the department for its work. One former official said that the contractor would charge roughly $550 an hour.

This ain’t normal, and I’m not sure if it is legal. Usually by legislation funds are allocated to specific goals. This is quite the opposite (I would think) of the funding language.

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  1. trgahan says:

    Since conservatives and their documentarian lackeys have never lied about the ACA before, am I sure didn’t use tax payer money to hire 30 actors to read tax payer funded scripts written by right wing think tanks.


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