Russian Lawyer Ready To Testify, Some Conditions May Apply

Asked directly whether she was prepared to testify to members of the U.S. Congress, Veselnitskaya said she was ready to do so, “if I’m guaranteed safety. Because today I have to think about my safety first and foremost, about the safety of my family and my four children.”

“You never know, Comrades,” Veselnitskaya did not say, nervously looking over her shoulder while updating her Last Will, “when you might be loading a mattress you didn’t buy through a window, or enjoying some radioactive shit.”

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7 Responses to Russian Lawyer Ready To Testify, Some Conditions May Apply

  1. purplehead says:



    • tengrain says:

      I have been having real problems with Word Press and Safari lately. My regrets for the error.

      Lately, titles are not displaying as I write them, and if I don’t do a preview, I don’t see titles until they are published; one has always had to spellcheck the titles separately from the body, but when I don’t even see the title I forget to run the speller.

      Also/too: Chrome isn’t letting me go to the WP dashboard page without doing some trickery, so I returned to Safari. I’m beginning to regret it.




      • Ugh, maybe try Firefox?

        I’ve got all three installed on my systems because of dumb crap like this.

        Our University’s voice mail web playback only works with Firefox (despite it being a *Quicktime* audio object.) Other tools only work well with Chrome.

        And I will not speak of the truly moronical ‘features’ some folks (rhymes with ‘Bikrosoft Barface 365’) have managed to pull where ‘web-based’ apps ONLY work with IE.


      • tengrain says:

        WordPress has always been bad with Safari, I don’t think they rest it at all. It looks like my Chrome has some malware (!), which is something as an apple user I’m not used to dealing with, but now I have to.




      • purplehead says:

        Technology! Our bestest friend, working for us all, for the greater good, for…oh to hell with that. I can’t imagine juggling all that arcane babble-ware to do what you do. Testify, TG!


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Oh, oh, what a great idea!!
    Then maybe we could get Morgan Fairchild to give testimony.
    Yeah, yeah.
    That’s the ticket.
    A women who strong arms for Pootie-poot to testify in congress.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  3. Condi says:

    She’s fond of polonium stuffed, twice baked potatoes, n’est-ce pas?



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