No Joke: McCain Has Brain Cancer

In all seriousness, we wish Sen. John McCain well. He’s up against an aggressive cancer —the kind that finally killed Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden— and it will likely be the last battle for that ornery, old basta’.

Grandpa Walnuts’ politics have been a target here since the beginning of the blog (from being the Maverick who Isn’t to foisting Mooselini on an unsuspecting and undeserving public), and rightly so. But that said, the man himself is a certified American War Hero.

SoyBlo Tweeted the news last night:

…and it is as good a summary of McCain as any.

So whatever it is that comes next, we are rooting for John McCain. We really do want to have him to kick around for a while longer.


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6 Responses to No Joke: McCain Has Brain Cancer

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    What a frustrating figure- between 2006 and 2008, he did a 180 on immigration reform, a gutless display of political expedience.

    Now, at his advanced age, with his pre-existing medical conditions, he’s going to receive aggressive treatment that no insurance company would cover for an ordinary person. I think he should receive it, but he’s propped up a system which wouldn’t provide it for us. I don’t want it all, I just want what he’s got.

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    • tengrain says:

      Me too. That’s the problem with being Liberal. We want healthcare for EVERYONE, even them.

      The irony of McCain having the finest, most expensive treatment at taxpayer expense while fighting it for everyone else is not lost on me.




  2. Osirisopto says:

    So, McConnell now has only 51 votes to work with. For the foreseeable future.

    And McCain was one of his guaranteed votes on anything, and the vet thing McConnell asked because he was a party man.

    I expect Trumpcare to go down in flames every time they try to bring it to the floor until McCain retires, passes away, or is temporarily replaced.

    Poor Mitch. lol


  3. Laura says:

    Diana Orrock of the “die already” endorsement has deleted her twitter account, has offered a rambling off tone apology-like thing.
    I’m guessing she’s consulted an attorney and damage control consultant.
    Count down until Nevada GOP asks for her resignation. Probably by the end of the day. But she may have a bright future in the Trump administration.


  4. w3ski4me says:

    I am truly sorry for Senator McCain, no human deserves the curse that he has.
    Even knowing that Cancer is not contagious, I can only say “he must have caught it at work”.
    I cannot imagine a bigger bunch of ‘Brain Dead losers” than the Senate and Congress.

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