The Return of Jon-John Huntsman

Jon-John Huntsman

REO Speedwagon fanboi Jon-John Huntsman is nominated to be our Ambassador to Russia. Trumpskies misspelled his name on the orginal announcement, but have since corrected it. Jeebus, you guys, leave the professional spelling stuff to Betsy DeVos! (Or maybe they did?)

Anyway, what a fabled life Jon-John leads! From his own campaign not knowing how he spells his name to now working for the mango-hued shitgibbon who previously said:

Of course, Huntsman also publicly urged the Russian Usurper to drop out of the race after the pussy-grabbing tape became public knowledge.

So there we have the object-lesson for our time: there is no principle that is incorruptible in the 4th Reich. Dangle a prestige job in front of a billionaire opportunist like Huntsman and his objections melt away, and he’s ready to be the mule carrying love notes to-and-from the Kremlin, and whatever instructions the big boss wants to send to Trump.

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