Kris (K?) Kobach Speaks!

“No, Katy, you ignorant slut,” Kobach did not say, “this kommission is about supressing the vote in the next election.” Kobach then didn’t add, “Oops. Did I say that out loud?”

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3 Responses to Kris (K?) Kobach Speaks!

  1. Ali Redford says:

    Kobach will pretend to be just-one-of-us, and not overly intelligent. He is scary intelligent. Scary, because he doesn’t use his powers for good. Everyone needs to be wary of him.


  2. Steve-O says:

    Kobach will of course dismiss any real voter fraud involving Republicans as proof that the Left is at fault, thereby causing a space/time collapse of inane conclusions that the base will eat up.

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