Sex Sells

Sex is the Key to Great Ratings

The Hill:

Megyn Kelly’s Sunday news magazine this week registered its lowest ratings since its debut on June 4, according to Nielsen Research.  

“Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” drew 3.1 million viewers on Sunday, or half of the 6.2 million viewers it brought in for its premiere, which featured an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I still maintain that the strategy NBC was going for was to weaken Fox News, not to steal their aging, boner-pill addicted, dirty old white man audience. Seriously, who wants to have that demographic other than Fox? What advertisers are longing for people that won’t/cannot buy their schlock?

So far, my thinking looks pretty airtight as MSNBC ratings are way up, a weakened Fox is in second place, and the poached Fox Stars are failing. NBC canned Greta, and if Kelly’s ratings continue to slide, they will can her, too.

Somewhere Roger Ailes is screaming, “Put her in a miniskirt and make her walk around. Do it for me.”

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2 Responses to Sex Sells

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Megyn’s appeal depends on a short skirt and a long jacket lucite desk.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    “Put me in, Coach!” — Greta van Susteren

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