Making America Groan Again

So much for Comrade Preznint Stupid’s biggest campaign promise, you know, that catchy slogan and nifty acronym, MAGA:

The Hill:

A House panel approved legislation late Monday evening that would slash funding for the Department of Transportation (DOT) after rejecting a Democratic effort to add their own $200 billion infrastructure package to the bill.

“We were assured by the president that infrastructure would be a priority, yet a plan for infrastructure keeps getting pushed back, back, back,” Price said. “Believe me, this country … might even conclude we’re putting our money where our mouth is,” if the panel adopted the amendment.

Well, maybe he can still sell off the roads, bridges, and airports. There’s that.

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One Response to Making America Groan Again

  1. Quick, alert the media! There must be some as-yet-uninterviewed 69-year-old white asshole Trumpite in Dumbfuckistan somewhere who can explain how this is the right thing to us poor moonbat libtards!


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