Today In Kabuki Theater

“Oh, gross,” said the fish

Remember, there are only 9 days left before Congress’ August Recess and there are only 53 work days left for the 2017 Legislative year (according to their own calendar), so of course the Republicans do not want to go home empty handed to face the wrath of Possum Hollar (emphasis mine):

In a closed-door GOP conference meeting Friday morning, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said all 12 appropriations bills will be finished in committee by the end of next week. Starting Monday, leadership will begin a tentative whip count on whether lawmakers would vote for a package before the August recess that combines all of those bills into one $1 trillion government funding bill.

The idea, first proposed by Rep. Tom Graves, a senior appropriator, is to give House Republicans a chance to pass a red-meat spending bill that will lay out GOP priorities. Though the bill would never pass the Senate in the face of Democratic opposition, the process would allow House Republicans to offer potentially hundreds of amendments, an exercise that excites members who are frustrated that they’ve had no input on how to fund the government.

So, it is a plot twist right before intermission and the second act—a cliff-hanger as it were—and unlikely to actually, you know, pass the Senate and become real? What could go wrong? [‘ExitPursued By A Bear’ as the Bard famously wrote]

The strategy could open something of a Pandora’s box, however. Lawmakers would be required to vote on controversial amendments that could be used against them in their districts, from provisions on the Confederate flag to gay rights proposals that put them in bind. Democratic amendments chiding the administration for the Russia controversy are almost assured.

But still, passing a huge, symbolic steaming pile of crap? Won’t their constituents, the New Confederacy, love it IF they can make it happen?

Perhaps more worrisome: The bill might fail on the floor, which would provoke another flood of damaging headlines about the GOP’s deep divisions and inability govern.

I have a hard time picturing the Ayn Rand Fan Club (the Patron Saint of People Who Don’t Tip) getting behind even a symbolic feast at the trough. Also/too: the image of Paul Ryan, the Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver, having he ability to get anything past the Freedom Caucus let alone a $1T Ameros spending bill is laughable on the face of it.

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  1. roket says:

    republicans have thrown governing out with the bath water.

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    • deliberate tactic. This isn’t really a problem for them; the rubes in Possum Hollar keep sending them back no matter what they do to the residents of Possum Hollar; and their actual masters are all ‘Smash the State, but Not Until I Get to Loot it.’.

      Nothing working is a plus for them as long as the spice gummint contracts flow; so look to them passing the bill funneling money into their masters pockets but breaking anything that normal humans need.

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