Pop Quiz!

As we noted earlier today, this week is themed for Made in America! But what will each of the 50 states contribute to the preznintial showcase?

Your assignment for 1/10th of 3% of your summer session grade, suggest a few items from your favorite state to send to the Russian Usurper, you know, to help him out.

I’m claiming dibs that Texas will send an exploded fertilizer factory along with their rules and regulations (blank paper) that will prevent it from happening again.

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  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    North Carolina can send a pond full of pigshit.

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  2. I’d like to nominate tannerite, an explosive ‘happy fun toy for ammosexuals for whom just shooting things no longer brings the stiffy 2nd Amendment enthusiasts’ like the un-named BP agent illegally shooting on state land who ignited a 46,000 acre wildfire that cost us the taxpayers a couple million to fight.


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  3. roket says:

    Illinois can send a copy of their budget that was two years in the making because of a petulant Billionaire Republican Governor.who still vetoed it and was overridden.

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I can send them some nasty thick green algae that is cropping up all over my part of Florida and driving down the tourist industry that my neck of the woods relies heavily on. It was made right here locally from the fertilizer run-off that the sugar industry dumps into our water supply. By the way, much of the land that they are growing the cane on used to be swamp land. So you could say that this is a direct result of draining the swamp. Of course, since the sugar growers rely on a lot of cheap undocumented workers Drumpf will try to tell us it’s all Mexico’s fault.

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  5. Perdurabo says:

    Normally I’d be less than enthusiastic to contradict one as lovely as yourself 10-G, but there are actually quite a few of us here in Texas that would rather send a big bag full of rattlesnakes from our annual rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater, TX.


  6. Sam240 says:

    From Pennsylvania:
    The wall containing the names of over 2,000 missing and dead from the Johnstown Flood of 1889, and an image of the 777 tombstones from the Plot of the Unknown Dead from that flood.

    Just a simple reminder of what happens when you don’t have any regulations.

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  7. Ali Redford says:

    Well, my state got there before this post, so I have no witty comeback:

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  8. ming says:

    Colorado can send him some metal-laden orange drinking water from the Gold King Mine, Summitville Mine, Argo Tunnel, Golden Eagle Mine, Climax Mine, Henderson Mine, Cripple Creek and Victor Mines, etc. You get the picture. Maybe the first shady could team up with Gwyneth Paltrow and market it as a mineral enema for people with too much money and not enough sense.

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  9. Wulfgarr says:

    Texas will send pregnant teens.

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  10. Osirisopto says:

    Cali can send him Ahhhnold. We won’t miss it. We have more than enough to spare.

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  11. J F Scott MacLeod says:

    From California: Weed.

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  12. Oregon should send Jeff Sessions a couple ounces of dankest bud, and a six pack of double IPA. Maybe he’d chill a bit.

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  13. Steve-O says:

    I’m not sending him anything from Vermont. Hopefully without reminders that we exist, he will forget about us and just leave us alone.
    Worse still, if we do remind him we exist, he might come here to talk about his Yuge inauguration crowds and Hillary’s emails.


  14. purplehead says:

    Warshington State can send Drumpf disintegrating barrels and collapsing tunnels with railroad cars full of radioactive waste. A particular specialty of the state.

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  15. Bruce388 says:

    As a former New Jersey resident (The Garden State), I nominate some of the toxic waste Exxon was supposed to clean up, costing around $9 billion, that Christie settled for $250 million.

    Or, the badly needed train tunnel to NYC that Christie killed because he KNEW he was going to be President and he wanted the yahoos on his side. Thanks to Super Storm Sandy, the existing tunnel is slowly disintegrating from the salt water flooding the tunnel.

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  16. glitterbug says:

    New Jersey would also like to send some traffic cones, in case any bridge access needs to be blocked off.


  17. moeman says:

    Hawaii sends Obama’s birth certificate.

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  18. MDavis says:

    If Nevada sends the Bundy’s, will the gov’t keep them this time?


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