Civics Class(less)

Graduation Test In Jeebusland.

Amway heiress and noted Howdy Doody look-alike Y’all Qaeda’s own Betsy DeVos is embracing Darwin!

“What! How’s that, ‘Grain!”, you say!

Simple. It’s a survival of the fittest approach to enforcing civil rights for students. Take it away, Politico!

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she is “returning” the Office for Civil Rights “to its role as a neutral, impartial, investigative agency.”

In a July 11 letter to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, DeVos asserted that the department’s civil rights arm under the Obama administration “had descended into a pattern of overreaching, of setting out to punish and embarrass institutions rather than work with them to correct civil rights violations and of ignoring public input prior to issuing new rules.” 

…DeVos didn’t provide any of the information in her response.

Conservatives had frequently criticized the Obama administration for issuing far-reaching, albeit nonbinding, “guidance,” for instance, informing states they must allow transgender students to access bathrooms and locker rooms aligned with their gender identity or risk loss of federal funds. Conservatives contended such “guidance” sidestepped the formal rule-making process. The Trump administration rescinded the transgender guidance earlier this year.

So when your transkid needs to use the bathroom, if s/he is fit, s/he’ll hold it until returning home and thus pass on superior pee-holding genes to the next generation. Oh, wait.

OK, snark aside, the idea that public schools will no longer be required to enforce the civil rights of students is just another step in crippling public education and pushing kids of the well-off into private schools, and leave the rest to fend for themselves.

Whether or not you were the bullied or the bully in middle school doesn’t matter if you don’t live to graduation; in DeVos’ vision it really ought to be a jungle out there, red of tooth and claw as the poem goes.

So if a school district in Jeebusland decides to punish the sinful kids (and they get to decide what is a sin and what is the punishment), it’s gonna be all right with Betsy.

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  1. in DeVos’ vision it really ought to be a jungle out there, red of tooth and claw as the poem goes.

    Well, a jungle for the wogs, at least. Betsy and her ilk, like Viceroy Erik, resplendent in his red coat and medals as he, she in her best colonial dress, preside over the looting the country civilizing the heathen savages as Gawd and Kipling intended.

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