What Dan Savage Said

Love Bill Maher or hate him, this is a great interview with Dan Savage. It’s a longer clip that I usually post, but it is worth the time to listen:

If I am interpreting Savage correctly, he is saying that voters who switched from Obama to Trump will never return to the Dims, and we on the left should stop trying to flip them, and instead shore up our own ranks, and give us some compelling reason to get to the polls. (He does say that, if you listen carefully, as Maher talks over him.) As we said earlier last week, we have to stand for something (ITMFA!), which brings the next great point from Savage:

It’s time for brass knuckles. The Republicans fight dirty, and we need to as well. His line that Dim-o-Crats are trying to set a good example for Republicans to follow is brilliant.

Pay attention around 4:55 mark, it’s really where the rubber hits the road. Savage’s assessment that the country is bifurcated between cities and “depopulated rural America” is more granular than most pundits go. His description of Washington State is absolutely right, this is a Red state except for the Puget Sound, but the coast is where the population is; California is not a north-south split as many people think; the divide is really coast vs. central valley.

So are all states really red with some big blue (urban) dots? Seems likely to be true.

Does this mean that the left abandons rural America? I don’t think so. Universal Healthcare as a fight is healthcare for everyone. I don’t think the left’s goals leave people behind the way the right’s goals do. And not everyone in rural America is a bigot, that’s not what anyone is saying.

I don’t think we say our goals often enough or well enough, or clearly enough for it to be heard or understood. We’ve said it before, the left doesn’t know how to tell stories well. Hundreds of Powerpoint slides with graphs is not a story.

This is how you tell a story:

If our policy messages doesn’t resonate with rural voters because candidates of color (or women, or LGBTQ Americans) are saying it, that’s a whole other matter. Those voters, as I said at the top, are never coming back. Quit chasing them.

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5 Responses to What Dan Savage Said

  1. grs says:

    I don’t get how the Dems fail so spectacularly on messaging. Selling infrastructure should have been a no brainer. Investment in America. Even rural areas need roads, bridges, dams, public buildings, parks, dams, etc. That’s how you sell taxes. Investments. No one remembers Obama’s work for infrastructure or jobs. People barely, barely remember Republicans cutting back on ARRA.

    If someone throws a shitty rider onto bill, then call them out. We don’t need the overly dramatic, doomsday ads the Right throws out there. A ten second ad, “I’m John Democrat (D-1). I wanted to build roads in the district. Joe Republican (R-2) added XYZ clause. The bill failed. Now we don’t have roads now.” That’s it. We can’t have ads only during election time. We need this quick, constant messaging on the terrible things happening everyday. Why? Because we don’t have a Fox News or right wing radio. If ad time is so expensive during elections, do it in the “off season”.

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    • tengrain says:


      I like that. That’s good, and it tells a story.




    • Osirisopto says:

      I agree. The R’s have ads running 24/7/365 – hate radio and faux.

      The reason nothing like that will happen is because the DLC don’t want that. The DLC want R’s in power so they can continue to rob the poorest bastards in the country of their hard earned wages to fail to elect republican light candidates while getting legislation passed the benefits their corporate masters.

      Anybody here could do a better job of branding than the DLC consultants who are paid bscene amounts of money.

      And that is why people need to stop pissing and moaning about how fucked up things are become active in the Democratic Party.

      Trying to build a third party is a waste of time. The greens have been trying since the ’70’s and after fourth years they still haven’t gotten a pres candidate on the ballot in all fifty states.

      I have a choice I can either care for DW or be an activist and visit her grave when I have a free moment.

      Speaking of which it’s bath time.


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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I live in rural “mid” Ca. Just east of Sacramento, sort of. We have for a long time been represented by a gerrymandered Republican. McClintock. I have seen more than one election when he was the only person on the ballot. I am a Democrat, all the people I know near here are Democrats and we all vote. So please to tell me why we are not represented here in “Blue Ca.” ?
    “Blue Ca.” is truly a myth outside of LA and the Bay Area.


  3. tengrain says:

    And this is the thing, w3ski4me. O said it well in the comment above yours, too. We all need to become involved in our local races, be activists. The DNC (not the DLC, f*ck those guys) needs to have a candidate in every race, Dr. Dean was absolutely right about that.

    And Tom McClintock is a piece of work. You have my sympathies.




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