To Your Very Good Health (See What I Did There?)

Is it Guns v Butter, or Cellphones v Healthcare?

Wingnuttia’s Trickle-Down Healthcare Tax Cut for Billionaires (tagline: When Billionaires Have More Money, Everyone Feels Better) is on life support. But as we predicted It’s Good News For John McCain (as we all used to say) with the the Uday/Squiggy running interference in the press.

Take it away,  Axios’ Sunday afternoon email thingie:

Don Jr.’s Russia scandal may have one little upside for the White House: Two sources close to the health care negotiations told me they’re pleased it has distracted the “resistance” movement and moved much of the media spotlight away from McConnell & co.’s negotiations.

Top White House officials and McConnell World sources share a mantra: Every day that passes without a third Republican senator coming out against the health care bill is a victory. That’s why the surprise vote delay for McCain’s surgery recovery is so perilous: It gives the bill’s opponents another week to hold protests, run TV ads, and remind squirmish purple-state Republicans that the ACA has twice as much support as the Republican’s alternative (50% to 24%, according to today’s ABC/WaPo poll).

“If at end of the weekend nobody else has jumped out of the box, that’s a win,” says a senior administration official, because it shows a weekend of overwhelmingly negative media coverage wasn’t enough to sway senators. But they still have to get through the next big event — the new CBO score. (Although we’re now told it may not happen this week.)

And that was what a lot of us on the Left worried about: the media would charge to the shiny new thing and leave 22 Million Americans to fend for themselves as amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell feasted on their souls by dark of night. Well, poetic license says he did…

Back to Axios

More important details:

  • Everything hinges on getting the bill to the floor by finding 50 Republicans who will vote for a “motion to proceed.” If McConnell can’t do that, it’s over.
  • McConnell is privately telling senators, per our sources, that they if they vote against the motion to proceed they’re effectively arguing that there’s nothing wrong with the health care system and the Affordable Care Act markets are just fine. He’s telling them they’ll have virtually unlimited opportunities to amend the bill.
  • The White House is trying to preemptively discredit the CBO score of the bill, with officials Marc Short and Brian Blase writing in a WaPo Op-Ed: “Although the media and the political left will certainly seize on it, the CBO’s estimates will be little more than fake news.”
  • Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval remains a pivotal figure because the administration knows he has a huge sway over Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, a moderate (and hugely vulnerable) Republican who still hasn’t decided whether or not to support the bill.
  • Nobody I’ve spoken to thinks Sandoval – a big fan of the Medicaid expansion – will ever support the bill. So a victory for the White House would be just getting him keep his disapproval muted.

Bottom line: All the Republicans close to the process are extremely jittery about this bill. “We’ll see if McConnell can pull a rabbit out of his hat,” one said. “But not every hat has a rabbit in it.”

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3 Responses to To Your Very Good Health (See What I Did There?)

  1. Go back in history, though. Remember that immediately after 9/11, few believed Saddam Hussein had anything to do with it. Then a WH team began the whispering chant that he did, until a sufficient number of idiots began believing. I still become furious with people who solemnly state, “We were all fooled.” No, we were not all fooled, but, pathetically, look how many of them permit themselves to get fooled again, and again, and again.

    Fortunately, McConnell, the current WH dream team, and the bargain basement Republicans in Congress aren’t as clever as Dubya’s WH.

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    • Bruce388 says:

      My favorite comment of that time was in August 2002. The Iraq drumbeat was starting. When asked why the White House hadn’t cranked up the volume about the Iraqi “threat,” Chief of Staff Andrew Card said, ”From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.”

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