Midday Palate Cleanser

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4 Responses to Midday Palate Cleanser

  1. jannydarling says:

    don’t mess with birds, they don’t kid around.

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    • tengrain says:

      Birds are the grandkids of the dinosaurs! They have such attitude for little things.

      “GRRRRRRRRR! Fear Me! I am a T-Rex!”




      • Bruce388 says:

        A T-Rex that can FLY! Original T-Rexes, with those tiny, Trump-sized arms, stayed on the damn ground.


    • MDavis says:

      They keep that kind of attitude toward other birds, as well. We saw a sparrow dive-beaking a hawk yesterday. He was doing it without back-up, too. There was probably a 20 – 1 size disparity.


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