Ah, Texas!

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy

Texas, the US Lab for Bad Policy is gearing up for a special session of the Lege:

…because those religious freedom bills consisting of where people cannot pee as as important to Greg Abbot’s Texas as they were to Mike Pence’s Indiana, and Pat McCrory’s North Carolina. Remember in each case those states lost hundreds of millions of dollars in tourism and new businesses. Texas, which prides itself on being some sort of libertarian paradise might really screw themselves in to being the Lonely Star State if they actually follow through on this.

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6 Responses to Ah, Texas!

  1. If Texas were truly a libertarian paradise, people there could pee wherever they damn please.
    Yours crankily,
    The New York Crank


  2. Yes, those theocratic christian libertarians who still want to send people to prison for life for a joint.


  3. Redhand says:

    Greg Abbott is a lunatic. Early last year he proposed 9 “amendments to the Constitution” that would have effectively turned the USA back to an Articles of Confederation system. His views are so radical that he can hardly be classified as a person who would “support, protect and defend the Constitution.” I consider him a straight-up neo-confederate in addition to being a certified religious nut.


  4. To be fair, Texas is only one of several labs. There are also Kansas, Alabama, Ohio, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.


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