Kobach Kommission Kaput (for now)

Snacks for the Kris Kobach Kommission?

Popular vote loser Donald Trump’s shady “election integrity” commission suspended its request for states to submit invasive voter data. You know, because of some frivolous law suit… TORT REFORM NOW!

Anyway, the panel’s vice chair Kansas Secretary of State Kris (K?) Kobach (R-Lunch Counters) announced that he “sent the states a follow-up communication requesting the states do not submit any data” until a judge rules on the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) lawsuit against the panel.

Which is both pretty great and pointless: last time I checked 40+ states had told Kobach to shove it, and Mississippi (!) told him to jump into the Gulf of Mexico. They were not sending it, Kris. They probably never will. But whatevs it takes to save your pasty white face, amiright?

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2 Responses to Kobach Kommission Kaput (for now)

  1. When Mississ-goddam-ippi tels you to go pound sand, you lost, boy. Stop playing, you’ll only further embarrass yourself. Quit while you’re behind.


  2. MDavis says:

    Ooh, those cupcakes in your graphic! Those have got to be the most beautiful cupcakes you’ve ever seen!


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