‘Get Your Gov’t Hands Off My War’

Hold me closer, Tiny Hander.

This is really weird, and I’ve been staring at it all morning trying to understand this. According to the NYTimes, isolationist heart-throb Steve Bannon is promoting some sort of private army to invade Afghanistan:

President Trump’s advisers recruited two businessmen who profited from military contracting to devise alternatives to the Pentagon’s plan to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan, reflecting the Trump administration’s struggle to define its strategy for dealing with a war now 16 years old. Erik D. Prince, a founder of the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide, and Stephen A. Feinberg, a billionaire financier who owns the giant military contractor DynCorp International, have developed proposals to rely on contractors instead of American troops in Afghanistan at the behest of Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, and Jared Kushner, his senior adviser and son-in-law, according to people briefed on the conversations.

OK, so aside from Bannon and Trumps hatred of swarthy Mooselimbs, why would the people who are at the top of the isolationist food chain want to do this? You would think that they would be demanding an end of the US presence in the Middle East and would use a private army to lock up the US borders tighter than the proverbial camel’s ass in a sandstorm, so to speak. (See what I did there?)

The only thing I can think of is that there are millions of Ameros to be grifted, but I don’t see the obvious small hand of the Russian Usurper looting the Treasury in this plan.

Of course, if one were to raise a private sector army, they would need soldiers and this could be a job program for the preznint’s unemployed, coal-fueled, opioid’ed base in Possum Hollar. There’s that.

What am I missing here, grifting vs. nation building vs. hiring the rubes? In the comments, please.

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17 Responses to ‘Get Your Gov’t Hands Off My War’

  1. w3ski4me says:

    The bucks, surely. Private Contractors are a cash cow for certain companies. Just involving the Military is one thing but why do the “Private Contractors” exist to begin with? Because they pull in a lot of Government monies.
    If the war was only fought by private companies, those companies would have cash income akin to the Army itself.
    It’s all for money and money for a few. Besides look at the savings over the VA and everything else.


    • tengrain says:

      I get that the companies are Privateers profiting, but I don’t get Trump’s angle. How does he PERSONALLY make a buck off of that? Trump does nothing unless there is a payoff to him.

      That’s why I think it has to be something to do with his base of supporters.




  2. “Of course, if one were to raise a private sector army, they would need soldiers and this could be a job program for the preznint’s unemployed, coal-fueled, opioid’ed base in Possum Hollar. There’s that.”

    With a fetching uniform, perhaps. Black shirts or brown, I wonder? Red hats?


  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    It is also easier to loot a pillage using private armies.


  4. Condi says:

    It would be instructive to know how much stock Trump, Bannon & Kushner own in DeVos’ brother’s (currently busy setting up a private army for China) and Feinberg’s companies. One suspects more than say 10 shares each.


    • MDavis says:

      Yeah, he already has DeVos in his administration. Maybe she is proving that she knows how to kick back? She has ties with Amway after all, and surely knows which side of the pyramid is pointy.


  5. RobGinChicago says:

    If a current bill gets thru congress, these private sector contracts will be a lot more lucrative: “Lawmakers Aim to Restrict Use of Lowest-Price Contracts” http://www.govexec.com/contracting/2017/07/lawmakers-aim-restrict-use-lowest-price-contracts/139306/?oref=govexec_today_nl


  6. Not to get all weird and historical and “Fall of the Roman ‘Merica Empire” on everyone, but didn’t Rome’s problems really start to get going when they hired mercs to do their fighting? Seriously, that’s why the Visigoths sacked the place. Alaric wanted to be paid and granted the Roman citizenship they were promised, and the Romans reneged on the deal. Gee who else do we know routinely reneges on the deals he makes???

    Also: Jared “Not the Machiavelli” Kushner and Bannon the Hutt starring in the remake of Man Who Would be King ??


  7. Art says:

    Perhaps you have forgotten that the reflex of most dictators is to have a private army. Hitler had the brown shirts, and then the SS. Stalin had his secret police and guard units. As organizations they had two faces: they are a force to spearhead the obvious military goals, often using methods too extreme and dirty to trust the normal military arms with, but also to act as a counterforce against any potential military coup, and as bully boys to punish and cow any political enemies.

    On the battlefield they, being private organizations, can largely avoid accountability and rules that authoritarians assume hold back military efforts. Torture, threatening of families, disappearing people, indifference to civilian casualties, systematic destruction of areas occupied by rivals and collaborators with enemies. Domestically they will have near universal access because they will be cast as an anti-terrorism security force that simply has to be everywhere and see everything … to keep us all safe.

    No doubt that they will also be noting those who fail to show sufficient enthusiasm for protection of the citizenry when they don’t clap loud, or long, enough.

    … You know … typical adolescent fantasies about being really effective by denying all traces of humanity and decency. Both within themselves and of the non-compliant. The sort of typical over-the-top violent fantasies that have authoritarians jerking off the torture porn and crying over the inevitable failure of monsters. That both of the organizations mentioned have a strong religious emphasis doesn’t interfere with the fantasy at all, a small shift in perspective makes it all resonate:


    • grs says:

      This. Here’s my tinfoil hat: I thought this was the route with the increases in Secret Service spending. Make trips to all his own properties and exhaust current staff – which he did – which prompted more hiring and an increased budget for Secret Service. His own little army. Probably found out early on that they’re extremely dedicated civil servants and wouldn’t turn on Ol’ Glory for a con artist.

      So, next step? Show solodarity with DeVos and Prince by giving DeVos her spot with Dept of Ed. Now Prince can see the skin in the game and start his merc force again. Of course using what he learned from the Blackwater/Xi/Acamdei debacle.

      Remember in the presidential debates when Trump said he would have looted Iraq? Well, now he can do that. Not for the US of A, but for himself and now he can have his squads to protect him from the fallout.

      /Removes tinfoil hat.


  8. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The money, they’ll get a kickback from Prince.


  9. HarpoSnarx says:

    Private army, private government, private prisons, private justice, private care . . . I say it’s time to kick them in all the privates. And GD hard too.


    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      It’s so much easier to hide what they’re doing if they are privatized. It is not when the government can see everything we do that leads to Big Brother, it is when we can’t see anything they do.


  10. Osirisopto says:

    What could be the pay off…

    Bannon, watching too much sci-fi planning for his next gig?

    Trumps own goon squads to run his presnintial protection racket?

    Another distraction?

    Another way for trumps private attorney to run up billable hours?

    My money is on a distraction.


    • Osirisopto says:

      There seems to be a lot serious distraction going on all over the place.

      I fear for the citizens of Nauru more every day.


  11. paul fredine says:

    well, he said he was going to be great at creating jobs, but would they come with a good health care plan and retirement benefits….assuming, that is, one actually makes it back alive? but i can see it possibly being popular with some of these ‘christian’ gun-totin’ patriotic militiamen who feel simply carrying their bazookas on that quick trip to walmart for bread and milk isn’t enough. and think of the cool uniforms (available in sizes up to 6xl to accommodate those prominent beer bellies).


    • Sirrah,
      I believe those patriots wearing the 6XL camouflage rompers will be the first, expendable expeditionary wave in any assault. The REAL patriots will get the snappy, black uniforms with the riding boots and Sam Browne belts back at the stateside garrison.


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