Some Cream For Your Covfefe?

Need I say more
(Courtesy of Scissorhead and unindicted co-conspirator GRS)

Sweet Jeebus, dude may be dumber than St. Ronnie:

Leading up to his first face-to-face meeting with Putin, U.S. intelligence officials have prepared a detailed psychological profile of the long-serving Russian strongman, a former KGB officer who spent decades recruiting spies for the Soviet Union and mastered the art of bending people to his will.

The profile, according to two U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the preparations, is part of a thick binder prepared for Trump. The president often doesn’t read the usual briefing books and relies on in-person briefings, the officials said, so aides also have written a list of tweet-length sentences that summarize the main points Trump could bring up with Putin.

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7 Responses to Some Cream For Your Covfefe?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Instead of 30-second sound bites, they’re reverting to 10-second “nibbles.”


  2. roket says:

    The entire State Dept must be on pins and needles since kids and narcissistic presidents say the darndest things.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    This country is seriously boned.


  4. Oblios_Cap says:

    What could possibly go wrong?


  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Oh come on you guys. Drumpf is an awesome negotiator. He wrote that book didn’t he? After this meeting Russia will not only pull out of Ukraine, Putin will likely cede all of Kamchatka to the US. Then Sarah Palin can move to West Alaska and finally be able to see Putin’s house.


  6. jimbo57 says:

    “Please to prepare to welcome heroic peoples of Autonomous Donbass Region back into Soviet Motherland….Spasiba, Donald.”


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