(UPDATED) Some Cream For Your Covfefe, part infinity

Seething Rage.
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In case anyone was distracted from the real story that we Americans have nothing but FAKE NEWS, the month-long attempt to get the FAKE NEWS to focus on infrastructure, workforce development, tech, and energy has now concluded. (True story: I did not even know that there was a tech week!)

And the media didn’t cover it, so maybe he has a point?

So much winning.

You see, instead of taking on real issues, Preznint Stupid is wasting away his time obsessing over himself; he’s operating on the Kardashian principle: I am the story, no matter what else is going on, it’s all about me, Me, ME!!! He’s the poster boy for the Me Generation, Al Franken’s clever SNL skit on the Boomers.

USA Today has a post up about his Twitter timeline:

Since his election, Trump has published more than 60 tweets disparaging “fake news” — according to a search of the trumptwitterarchive.com database — mostly targeting CNN but also including a range of other media outlets. But since November, Trump has posted fewer than a dozen tweets about the border wall that was the hallmark of his presidential campaign.

…He has posted only 11 tweets with the word “trade” and three more about NAFTA, the free trade agreement he railed against during the campaign. From March to October 2016, Trump tweeted 15 times about NAFTA.

…The CNN wrestling tweet quickly became one of Trump’s most retweeted posts ever: more than 183,000 retweets by Sunday afternoon and close to 300,000 likes. By contrast, his most retweeted post about veterans, calling on the House to pass a VA accountability bill, got only 25,000 retweets and 105,000 likes.

Meanwhile Mike ‘Payola’ Allen writing the Axios morning email thingie has some similar starting numbers:

Axios’ Shane Savitsky counted every tweet on @realDonaldTrump during that month and found that of 121 tweets by Trump himself, three related to these policy topics. If you include tweets on his feed that are clearly by aides (include video, pics, hashtags, etc.), it’s 14 for 195.

A graphic on the front page of USA Today boils it down to “punches, not policy”: “fake news” 63 times since his election, “#fakenews” 10 times,” “Obamacare” 46 times, “healthcare 41 times.”

The WaPo has a similar story:

President largely sidesteps the bully pulpit in pushing health-care bill

“Trump has spoken out repeatedly during his tenure about the shortcomings of Obamacare, which he brands a ‘disaster.’ But he has made relatively little effort to detail for the public why Republican replacement plans — which fare dismally in public opinion polls — would improve on the former president’s signature initiative. The lackluster sales job, combined with recent controversial tweets and public statements targeting the media, has diminished the focus on the president’s leading legislative priority at a key juncture in the Senate, allies and analysts say. ‘It’s a mystery,’ said Barry Bennett, a Republican operative who advised Trump’s campaign last year and remains close to the White House. ‘I don’t know what they’re doing.’” 

And this is the trap that the media is once again falling into: he DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ISSUES, and neither does his fanatics. At some point there will be a calamity, a Katrina, or a terror attack that we will not be prepared to handle, and he will still be yakking about himself.

Media: please stop covering his Tweets, start covering their actions, you know, the actual record.  We will conclude with advice blessed Saint Molly Ivins said many times:

Young political reporters are always told there are three ways to judge a politician. The first is to look at the record. The second is to look at the record. And third, look at the record.

UPDATE 1: Read the Comment from 9Thousand Feet. It’s important.

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5 Responses to (UPDATED) Some Cream For Your Covfefe, part infinity

  1. Completely agree. I’ve been saying this for months. The media should just stop reporting on his tweets and demand official statements (Sean Spicer is extremely stupid for saying the tweets were official statements, but the media were far too quick to use that as an excuse to increase focus on his Twitter). All Trump is doing is deflecting away from he fact that he’s not doing much at all.


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    Oh shit, here comes another goddam novel from that wordy fucker….
    Sorry, but I can’t help it.

    I think asking the media to quit chasing squirrels is a lost cause; the economic and competitive drivers are baked in and it is those systemic elements that engender the vulnerabilities that Trump takes advantage of.
    Beseeching the mainstream media to change its focus is making a request that’s systemically impossible. It’s not going to happen without dramatic re-structuring of media edifice itself.
    It’s a lost cause, TG.

    This is one of the things that Trump really does understand. Not that he could author a coherent argument supporting it, he couldn’t, but instinctively he understands the dynamic and how to play it. He’s been doing it all his life.

    He’ll keep pounding away on Twitter, attacking “fake news” and all the rest. He’ll continue pushing the boundaries of decency and traditional political strategy in new directions, enabled by a media that simply cannot help themselves.

    Meanwhile, the resistance will continue to whistle past the graveyard, consoling themselves with telling each other how stupid he is, or how evil the GOP are, and how, eventually, all this malfeasance must surely catch up with them all. Fictional saviors come and go; maybe he’ll pivot because the Office of the Presidency has a way of making that happen (Obama), maybe Ivanka will humanize him (damn near every pundit on earth), maybe Mueller’s investigation will undo him (that’s a popular one currently. It almost certainly won’t for reasons worth discussing another time, but which relate to what Sasse presciently described as the weaponization of distrust).
    Surely something will happen to demonstrate his ineptitude once and for all and save us all?

    I’m going to go back to where I started when we first began talking about activism and resistance. Unless millions of us can find a way to get out in the streets, Trump will prevail and the republic will be lost.
    Waiting for the mid-terms in 2018 will be too late—the wagons will be circled tightly by then.
    The media cannot respond appropriately, neither can our other institutions. Trump has found a systemic flaw.
    Phone calls won’t be enough. (but make them anyway, I’m not counseling surrender)

    This man is tougher than we think, and the GOP is pretty much all-in. The level of outrageousness continues to spiral upwards and they all continue to get away with it. With each passing day the likelihood that Americans will reach some kind of critical mass with their disgust slowly recedes as the herd immunity to outrage becomes stronger and stronger.

    In little more than a single generation we’ve gone from where just one simple episode of canoodling on a yacht with a woman who is not your wife can utterly destroy a (somewhat promising) presidential candidacy. Now – poof!- look where we are. And the degradation of all our sensibilities is accelerating, not slowing.

    We’re in way more trouble that we’re comfortable admitting, I think, even among ourselves.

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    • tengrain says:

      9-K , preach!

      I’ve said for the longest time (since the blog began) that media reform has to come first and then the rest will follow. But clearly, it ain’t coming.

      We are totally f’ed in the dark.




  3. purplehead says:

    Blessed Saint Molly… I keep waiting for her to come back. Damn, I miss her so. Fucking cancer.

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  4. Is it a good time for Molly Ivins? It’s ALWAYS a good time for Molly Ivins! (apologies to Brother Pierce)


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