War on Women, Cont.

Daddy Issues?

The White House Council for Women and Girls was bleeding from whatever, you know, following a facelift:

The council, created by Obama in 2009 to monitor the impact of policy changes and liaise with women’s groups has been defunct while the Trump administration evaluates whether to keep it, according to three senior White House officials.

“We want the input of the various agencies to understand the assets they have so that we make this office additive, not redundant,” said White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks.

She added that the White House “is evaluating the best positioning of this office going forward (and other legacy Obama offices)” and flagged other policy initiatives, including adviser Ivanka Trump’s push for paid family leave and STEM education for girls, that will address gender disparities.

It’s not even like they are trying to hide their sexism and misogyny. The lack of support for this council is as telling about the Fourth Reich as President Obama’s robust support of women.

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3 Responses to War on Women, Cont.

  1. roket says:

    I hear it’s being replaced by the White House Council for Golfing.


  2. Nora Daly says:

    Well, we’re only 52% of the population….


  3. paul fredine says:

    and where was influential ivanka when all of this ‘discussion’ was going on? probably helping melania draft her anti-cyberbullying policy agenda (who’s gotten as far as deciding which font will be used for her name and the color of the official cover once it’s done, which will be whenever she’s told it is or whenever she can find a speech by michelle she can use to base it on).


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