Exciting News From the White House!

More Exciting News From Trump HQ!

Um, that’s another lie.

Take it away, Axios morning email thingie:

In the Oval Office yesterday, Marc Short, the White House Legislative Affairs Director, showed the president a piece of paper with the graph of Medicaid spending pointing up. The president wanted to tweet it, according to a source told about the meeting.

Republicans hadn’t framed the argument over Medicaid in terms of dollars going up (albeit at a slower rate than under current law). Some in the administration had (correctly) concluded it was an argument they couldn’t win. But others, seeing they were getting killed every day in the press, wanted to reframe the argument as a growth in spending — and a slowing of the growth rate under Obamacare.

HHS Secretary Tom Price has been making this argument, and tweeted a similar graph.

Reality check, from FactCheck.org: “[T]he Senate bill would result in $772 billion less for Medicaid over the next decade, and … the House bill would reduce it by $834 billion.”

I really like the conclusion of this bit —

Bottom line, from same source: “Unpopular presidents pushing unpopular proposals usually fail.”

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