Two Festivals and a Protest

Seattle held Gay Pride this weekend (and the gods blessed our city with weather in the 90°s), and I think that a fun time was held by all.

There was one odd moment when the parade stopped many blocks south of us for more than 30 minutes and no one knew why, and many of the throng gave up and moved on to the Seattle Center (Space Needle) figuring that — in the Seattle passive-aggressive way — maybe it just ended.

As it turned out Black Lives Matters blocked the parade to protest the deadly and horrific shooting of Charleena Lyles… but no one knew further north along the route knew why the parade was stopped, there were no announcements. One person nearby who checked Twitter told us what had happened while another said sardonically that they were guessing that the parade was blocked by religious nuts (who were indeed preaching brimstone and hellfire).

I’m not sure how effective of a strategy the BLM protest was as none of the thousands of people downstream knew about it. To Seattle’s credit no one seemed angry about it, everyone shrugged and moved on.

The second festival today was the delicious Lamb Jam, where a handful of Seattle-area restaurants had a throw-down, lamb barbecue cook-off. It was a judged competition:

  • Hickory smoked lamb sliders
  • Lamb Brunswick stew
  • Smoked leg of lamb with balsamic BBQ sauce
  • Gochujang glazed lamb grilled on charcoal with perilla Kimchi and house-made yogurt
  • Charred plum lamb shoulder
  • Fenugreek roasted lamb, cury pesto & herbs.

I gotta say, eating 6 (small) distinctly different plates of barbecue might be the best way to die. If my lifeless body is found tomorrow, Scissorheads, know I died with a fully tummy and a smile on my face.

My favorite entry was the Brunswick stew, and if it had been a more typical Seattle weather day, it probably would have won the competition. It was served with a crisp, grilled, slightly sweet cornbread crouton; the combo knocked my socks off.

The winner was the Fenugreek roasted lamb, which was delicious and was served distinctly cold.

There’s a lesson here: strategy is everything as these two events showed us.

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8 Responses to Two Festivals and a Protest

  1. Nora Daly says:

    Sounds fabulous!


  2. purplehead says:

    I had no idea what Brunswick Stew was, so Wiki to the rescue. “Tradition favors squirrel [meat] in early versions…” Ugh. Sounds like sumthin Fuckabee would gulp down. It’s basically thick vegetable soup with some kind(s) of meat added. I’d go for the cornbread, though. YUM!


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The parade/protest kerfuffle just goes to show that progressives need to unite- all minority rights are important, balkanization hurts everybody’s cause.

    That lamb jam sounds awesome. Lamb/mutton is my favorite red meat. I tend to cook it with a coriander/cumin/fenugreek/garlic rub or a rosemary/garlic rub. Perilla kimchi sounds really good- I have two bottles of a shiso-infused sweet potato shochu, a gift from my brother Sweetums’ late, great father-in-law… I dole out tiny amounts of the stuff from time-to-time because it’s hard to get stateside.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Here’s the shochu brand Shiso Shochu Wakamurasaki No Kimi. Seriously, I hoard this stuff like platinum… not only do I love the flavor, but drinking it reminds me of a man who I came to love and admire, a perfect grandfather to my nephews and niece.

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  5. Laura says:

    So the convergence of the two groups would have been a nice thing.
    I can see that BLM has a serious reason to demand that attention be paid right damn now. The LGBTQ Community has undeniably made the demand that attention be paid -and direct action gets the goods as every Wobblie knows.
    There’s more reason to protest than there are hours in the day. Let’s do it together.


    • Laura says:

      Gramma Foley’s leg of lamb.
      You have no idea how savory, how unctuous, how it greased up the kitchen.
      But the six sound swell.


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