Missouri: At Your Cervix, ladies!

War on Women

Four out of Five Men Agree that there is no War on Women


Pitched as an expansion of religious freedom for employers and landlords, the bill would overturn a St. Louis city ordinance that prevented discrimination against women who have had abortions. The new law would allow employers to fire female employees for having had abortions or using birth control. It would extend the privilege of discrimination to landlords, who could evict women for getting an abortion, getting pregnant out of wedlock or using birth control.

Ever since the Fall of Man, the Xristians have been out to get Eve. This bill is such an invasion of privacy, I cannot believe it will withstand the first challenge.

(Here’s the text if you want to read it; this is the guy who introduced the bill, you know, if you live there and want to get in touch.)

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9 Responses to Missouri: At Your Cervix, ladies!

  1. motocat1 says:

    I posted on C&L that it’s time for Missouri women to stop having sex with men. Maybe all American women should consider this–Missouri isn’t the only state getting screwed, so to speak.


  2. “Religious freedom for employers and landlords.” Bizarre. Why do they think employers and landlords need more religious freedom than others? Such bullshit, such disgusting, sicking, maddening, perverted bullshit. They are fucked up, and they’re fucking up America.


  3. Feline Mama says:

    Who’d a think an “apple” would cause so much hate & revenge between the P’s & V’s.


  4. John C Mruzik says:

    Missouri, the gateway to Kansas!


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    This bullshit has to be a gross violation of the HIPAA laws.


  6. paul fredine says:

    i don’t live there but i’d love to get in touch with him, unfortunately my arm’s not long enough to slap him the way i’d like to and i can’t throw a brick that far.


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