Today, In Billable Hours News

The WaPo tells us:

“President Trump has a new morning ritual. Around 6:30 a.m. on many days — before all the network news shows have come on the air — he gets on the phone with a member of his outside legal team to chew over all things Russia. The calls — detailed by three senior White House officials — are part strategy consultation and part presidential venting session, during which Trump’s lawyers and public-relations gurus take turns reviewing the latest headlines with him. They also devise their plan for battling his avowed enemies: the special counsel leading the Russia investigation; the ‘fake news’ media chronicling it; and, in some instances, the president’s own Justice Department overseeing the probe.

“His advisers have encouraged the calls — which the early-to-rise Trump takes from his private quarters in the White House residence — in hopes that he can compartmentalize the widening Russia investigation. By the time the president arrives for work in the Oval Office, the thinking goes, he will no longer be consumed by the Russia probe that he complains hangs over his presidency like a darkening cloud.”

I’ve never seen a $500/hour babysitter. Nice work if you can find it.

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2 Responses to Today, In Billable Hours News

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Does anyone think Trump’s going to pay those lawyers? “Hey, you defended the President. What an honor. You’ll get rich from the prestige!”


  2. MDavis says:

    In other news, Psychs sometimes encourage venting as a way of compartmentalizing acting out so their clients families won’t suffer, while other psychs believe that such venting just exacerbates underlying anger issues, amplifying free-floating anger and anxiety and encouraging belief that such anger is fully justified and that venting is the best way of dealing with it in ALL of the client’s compartments thus promoting damaging rage.
    Dude’s advisors should have a PhD in psych before advising him on how to deal with his issues – emotional issues, that is.


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