The Feast of St. Ronnie, Cont.

The Republican Party Takes Flight

Shorter Republican Strategy: You’ve seen us drive, now watch us fly!

Now, the longer version: The next big bill that could be written in secret
Senior administration officials and congressional leaders have suggested that the upcoming tax reform measure will largely be shaped among themselves behind closed doors.

Yes, it’s Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie), but even the middle school hall gossip monitors are getting bugged that they cannot get the hot dish out of team McConnell:

The Senate health care bill might not be the only blockbuster piece of legislation this year written behind closed doors by an elite few.

Both senior administration officials and congressional leaders are already telegraphing that the tax reform measure they hope to move this fall will largely be shaped among themselves in private meetings.

While many griped about the secrecy surrounding the health legislation, few rank-and-file Republicans seem to be objecting to that approach on tax reform, which has the potential to remake a federal tax system that brings in more than $3 trillion a year.

Gee, I wonder what they could be hiding *this time?*

I mean the only policy that Wingnuttia holds sacred is to give money to their corporate paymasters. Their only tactic is to demonize non-Republicans. It’s not like tax reform is going to play-out will be a mystery. They should do it live on Fox News; the rubes will eat it up with a spoon, not realizing that they are paying the tab.

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  1. MDavis says:

    Surely the answer is more civility, you know, for democrats and progressives…


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