How Time Does Fly

Seething Rage.
(image courtesy Scissorhead MonkeyFister)

Has it been a Covfefe-Unit already?!

I like the way he’s trying to pin the rumor, which he started, on illegal leakers. He keeps shooting his mouth off and consequently shooting his dick, too. This whole Obstruction investigation was one YUGE self-inflicted wound. And he continues to make it worse, bigly. Sad!

Who knows if it is true or not that he has no tapes, but he wouldn’t be making that statement if he were NOT under investigation for Obstruction of Justice. Methinks that is a tell, as the cardsharps say. Someone must have let him know that the subpoena was being written.

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7 Responses to How Time Does Fly

  1. Pupienus Maximus says:

    I did not make…

    and do not now have…

    Which of his idiot lawyers told him it was better to destroy the evidence and deny ever having it that it would have been to produce the obviously extant recordings?


  2. I’m sure it will released in a fartnight or two.

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  3. paul fredine says:

    so, he was absolutely, positively sure, even claiming to have evidence (still waiting), that obama ‘tapped’ him but can’t say ‘for sure’ that there aren’t tapes ‘somewhere by someone, just not him’? weren’t we always being told that he (according to him) knew everything, even ‘more than the generals’? and here he promised he would never lie to us….and we all know how that’s gone.


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