Activism: Saving The ACA: It’s Your Job

[Ed. – On top today – it’s important to take an action today. New(er) posts below. –TG]


It’s for you!

Overbooked today. Lot’s of stuff going on. Not enough time to tie my shoes, but this is important enough for me to make time for it.

How about you?

McConnell is proving to be the crooked, slimy bastard his wife fell in love with.

He’s hurting us. He’s hurting you. He’s hurting your family. He’s hurting your children and grandchildren.

Make the calls, please.

Phone Calls Work!

Remember we are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Our politicians cannot stand without us, but with us they can and will stand up and fight for what we know is right.

Our collective efforts have caused the D’s to not just stand up but to fight back. You know our calls to the R’s are having a similar impact upon them. We need to keep it up.

A call to action: 

The stakes are high and no one can help us. We must help ourselves.

  • Call your Senators, both D and R.
    • Support the D’s
      • We, you and I, your brother, uncle, cousin, ex, SO, nieces and nephews are the backbone of the Democratic party. The politicians cannot stand without our constant support.
    • Demand the R’s vote against the Trumpcare
      • You’re not wasting your time calling the R’s. You’re “putting on the heat.”
  • Please make two or three calls each day this week.
    • Leave VM’s at 4:00 AM or at 11:30 PM
    • Make a call during your morning and evening commute.

No one else can do it. Only us.

Together we will change the world.


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