Bad Packaging, Cont.


Sound advice.

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  1. Bruce388 says:

    Annie the Cat, wet or dry, was quite a bit smarter than her human (moi). She proved it every time she blew by me to experience, briefly, the exotic rewards of the garage.

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  2. Isn’t this actually supposed to be in the category of ‘Very Very Good Packaging’? 🙂

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  3. suedoise2 says:

    It’s also possible to have dogs and cats who are naturally slippery without benefit of water or shampoo. I live with and serve one of each.I’ve never been foolhardy enough to try soaping either of them, but I find that when they’re wet with rain they’re a little more cooperative than when dry – Jingle the cat because it makes him more inclined to come inside, and Benny the dog because he expects to be rubbed down with a towel which he’ll then, he feels, be entitled to grab and dismember..


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